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Image of SS-200

Floor-type speaker system.

It is equipped with a 20 cm cone type woofer using a reverse curved cone in the low range.
In addition, a mechanical load type 5 cm cone type tweeter is installed in the high range.

The enclosure has an edgeless structure, and by eliminating the protruding edge around the baffle plate seen in conventional speakers, directional characteristics, sound spread, and localization are improved.

Model Rating
Method 2-Way, 2-Speaker, Bass Reflex System, Floor Type
Units Used For low band : 20 cm cone type
For high-pass : 5 cm cone type
Rated impedance 8 Ω
Playback frequency band 50 Hz to 20 kHz
Crossover frequency 2kHz
Output sound pressure level 93dB/W/m
Rated input 10W
Max Input 30W
External dimensions Width 330x Height 670x Depth 292 mm
Weight 12kg