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a price --unknown (one-set, around the 1969 time)

It is the speaker system for wall tapestries used as the object for a small monitor, or an object for talk-backs.

Acknowledged P-610A is adopted as a unit.

The cabinet has chosen capacity from the No. 1 type sealing cabinet of ERS-A001 of a broadcast association standard of Japan greatly.

White grinding of the color tone of a cabinet is a standard.

Rating of a mode
System 1 way, 1 speaker, a sealing system, and a wall tapestry type
Use unit etc. For [ all the ] zones: 16cm corn type (P-610A)
Impedance 16ohms (600ohms)
Play frequency band 80Hz - 13000Hz
Output sound pressure level 97dB/VA(50cm)
Rated input 3W
Dimensions Width 600x height 400x depth 250(lower part 150) mm
Weight 5.8kg