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50,000yen(one-set,around the 1998 time)

It is the center speaker developed in order to correspond to the multichannel play by Dolby digital or DTS. Since it is an object for center speakers, a play of the Voi Synge zone is set on importance, and a tone with ZX series is arranged and it is made.

Two 16cm corn type units excellent in the play zone of voice are carried in low-pass.
It is lightweight also to a diaphragm and there is high rigidity, and while realizing sound quality unification with ZX series by adopting an organic fiber aramid with a moderate internal loss, the power response which secured oscillating area and was excellent in considering it as a double Woofer system has been obtained.

A 2.5cm dome shape unit is adopted as a tweeter.
Boron-ized titanium was adopted as the diaphragm and the D.U. D-structure which drives a diaphragm directly by making a diaphragm and a voice coil bobbin into solid construction is adopted.

A front bass-reflex port can be closed with an attached duct damper, and has come to be able to do low-pass tone control.


Rating of a mode
System 2 ways, 3 speaker bass-reflex system, and a magnetic-shield type
Use unit For low-pass: 16cm corn type x2
For high regions: 2.5cm dome shape
Rated impedance 6.3ohms
Play frequency band 42Hz - 40000Hz
Output sound pressure level 90dB/W/m
Crossover frequency 3000Hz
The maximum input 150W
Dimensions Width 515x height 210x depth of 240mm
Weight 11kg
Option Exclusive stand DK-C1 (9,000yen)