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22,500yen(one set: unit x2, with amplifier)

It is a unique speaker which uses as a diaphragm the place itself stuck and stuck on the wall or the desk.

The amplifier of output 3.5W+3.5W is attachment. the AC/DC adaptor and AA which do not ask indoor and the outdoors -- they are 2 power-source systems which can use both of batteries.

Since an actuator unit is a drip-proof design, it can be used also at a moist place.

Al Nico who is proud of the height of magnetic flux density is employed as a magnet, and it is compacter.
And it is considered as the magnetic-shield structure which intercepts powerful Al Nico's leakage flux, and installation of a television side is also possible.

Rating of a mode
System Media Interface Connector dynamic type full-range unit -
A simple magnetic-shield type and drip-proof specification (JIS drip-proof II type)
Rated impedance 8ohms
Rated input 2W(EIAJ)
The maximum input 10W(EIAJ)
Amplifier output 3.5W+3.5W (at the time of AC/DC adaptor use)
Speaker Dimensions Diameter 50x24mm in height
Speaker weight 45g (cord not included)
Amplifier Dimensions Width 130x height 26.5x depth of 142mm
Amplifier weight About 350g (battery included)
Attachment AC/DC adaptor
Stereo mini plug cord
Actuator fixing screw
Double-sided pressure-sensitive tape