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9,710yen(one set)

It is a unique speaker which uses as a diaphragm the place itself stuck and stuck on the wall or the desk.

A powerful strontium magnet is adopted first and the actuator unit in which the high-quality sound technology of the Diatone was harnessed everywhere sounds various materials with sufficient energy.

It thinks of improvement in sound quality, and AV youth, and is considered as magnetic-shield structure. Furthermore, in order to also enable use at the place where it worries about moisture, such as a kitchen, drip-proof specification is adopted.

User-friendliness, such as protecting a unit from an excessive input in the input-proof [ high ] of the maximum input 50W, is also substantial.

Rating of a mode
System Media Interface Connector dynamic type full-range unit -
A simple magnetic-shield type and drip-proof specification (JIS drip-proofII type)
Rated impedance 8ohms
Rated input 20W(EIAJ)
The maximum input 50W (EIAJ and protection circuit built-in for the prevention from an excessive input)
Dimensions Diameter 94x32.5mm in height
Weight 430g
Attachment Double-sided seal
Speaker cable (5m) x1
Attachment screw x3