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450,000yen(one set, the November, 1990 release)

It is the DS-V3000 type adhering to the infinite depth of the fundamental zone play.
It succeeds in fabricating "B4C (pure boron)" which is proud of an ultimate physical-properties value to the dome shape diaphragm of the large caliber of 75mm. With the large dynamic range which is not in the former, and a high feeling of density, the fundamental zone used as people's voice or the fundamental pitch of a musical instrument is reproduced.
As a core of this unit, the allotropy material "23mm of B4C diaphragm dome" is adopted also as a high region in quest of the merit of relation. And these inside and a quantity region unit were supported by high rigidity diaphragm structure D.U.D. of Diatone tradition, and high rigidity unit-construction D.M., and the play excellent in the response is realized.

The TWF aramid edge which had the high engine performance proved [ low-pass ] with 2S-3003 type is adopted, and also the honeycomb structure diaphragm of a super aramid x vibration suppression nature aluminum alloy core is adopted. This super aramid honeycomb is completed as the photosynthesis and the diaphragm which realizes the outstanding oscillating damping characteristic which sandwiched the newly developed aluminum alloy that controls vibration to the super aramid which attained the steep increase in a specific modulus as a honeycomb core. A piston action with little rolling is realized with the TWF aramid edge which demonstrates intensity in all the directions.
A pure drive is achieved by low distortion magnetism circuit A.D.M.C.-m (Advanced Magnet Circuit-music).
The network circuit which selected carefully high purity and high precision parts, such as a large-sized input terminal of 3 division network and gilding specification.
The high rigidity 2 side round baffle enclosure is adopted.

Rating of a mode
System 3 ways, 3 speakers, a sealing system, and a book shelf type
- Magnetic-shield type
Use unit For low-pitched sound: 30cm corn type
For inside sound: 7.5cm dome shape
For loud sounds: 2.3cm dome shape
Rated impedance 6ohms
Play frequency band 23Hz - 80000Hz
Output sound pressure level 90dB/W/m
Crossover frequency 400Hz, 4500Hz
The maximum input 180W(EIAJ)
Dimensions Width 400x height 900x depth of 388mm
Weight 53kg