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400,000yen(one set, the December, 1995 release)

It is the floor type all corn 3 way system which consisted of a mid range of "aramid crossing corn" adoption, and a pure boron corn tweeter on the basis of "a 38cm large caliber Woofer."
"The merit of the aversion to sound" which is the feature of an overwhelming feeling of a scale and reality, and a large-sized high efficiency system is pursued. The high-density feeling of an inside region, the width of the smooth relation covering the whole region and a dynamic range, etc. realized the live and the conscious feature. The external network box which can set up favorite sound quality because DS-8000N type changes crossover frequency on it is adopted. It is possible to enjoy 27 kinds of sound qualities freely with music sauce.

In the Woofer, the large caliber pulp corn of 38cm which followed the technology of the monitor 2S-305 type for broadcast was developed newly. The thing with powerful driving force called the gap magnetic flux density of 14000 gausses was adopted as the magnetic circuit.

Since the thickness of the sound of inside low-pitched sound is increased, the weight saving aramid crossing corn which abandoned resin (pitch) has been adopted as a mid range. Since resin, such as an epoxy resin used as the hindrance of the weight saving, was eliminated and multilayer structure is newly adopted, the reduction effect of proper tone is also improving taking advantage of the high internal loss of not only a weight saving but an aramid.

It was carried in the tweeter at the 2S-3003 type, and the corn type pure boron diaphragm which has obtained high evaluation was adopted. the high ratio which ranks second to a crystal diamond -- the ideal "corn type B4C (pure boron) diaphragm" which has elasticity is adopted. Moreover, by using the powerful thing exceeding "the gap magnetic flux density of 19500 gausses" for a magnetic circuit, resolution reproduces a beautiful high sound.

The low-pitched sound play which is full of a feeling of power by setting the enclosure to 120L, and adopting as a bass-reflex port a twin port with an aperture of 100mm which changed length, and setting resonance frequency to 38Hz low enough is realized.

Favorite sound quality can be set up because a network box controls crossover frequency. Since three kinds of frequency bands, such as low-pass [ of a tweeter ], and low-pass and a quantity region of a mid range, are changeable at a time, 27 kinds of sound qualities can be properly used freely with music sauce. Furthermore, by having used external, vibration, the leak magnetic flux from a unit, etc. make the minimum the bad influence a network is damaged. In moreover, the clearer sound quality by adopting a firm box as a network platform Furthermore, this system has a merit which can also expect possibilities to the future, such as multi-amplifier.

Rating of a mode
System 3 ways, 3 speaker bass-reflex system, and a floor type
- Magnetic-shield type
Use unit For low-pitched sound: 38cm monitor grade pulp corn type
For inside sound: 16cm aramid crossing corn type
For loud sounds: 5cm pure boron corn type
Rated impedance 4ohms
Play frequency band 35Hz - 40000Hz
Output sound pressure level 93dB/W/m
Crossover frequency 400-500Hz, 2500-4000Hz
The maximum input 200W
Dimensions Main part: Width 500x height 870x depth of 410mm (442mm with a network)
Network box: Width 287x height 130x depth of 387mm
Weight 65.5kg (main part: 58kg, network box 7.5kg)
Attachment Network box