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65,000yen(one set, the May, 1992 release)

It is 3 way speaker system which inherits the technology of DS- 1000Z, from which arrangement conditions are not chosen and which was developed aiming at the high density and high resolution system of a warm sound.

A 27cm corn type Woofer is adopted as low-pass.
The new aramid hybrid honeycomb diaphragm is used for the diaphragm, and a light weight and quantity rigidity-ization are attained by making into the Intra ply structure the inorganic fiber amorphous silica by which the intensity rise was achieved about 15% from an organic fiber aramid and the former.
Moreover, the H.D. suspension which controls a peculiar high order vibration is adopted as edge, and the more excellent braking force is acquired.

The 10cm corn type unit which adopted the same new aramid hybrid honeycomb diaphragm as low-pass is adopted as the inside region.
An H.D. suspension is adopted as an edge part, and also the high-density damping plastics H.D. polymer frame is carried.

The H.D. alloy D.U.D. tweeter of a 2.5cm dome shape is adopted as a high region.
This high-damping-alloy diaphragm was proud of the oscillating damping characteristic superior to conventional aluminum and titanium, and has realized a weight saving called the high specific modulus on account of metal, and 60% of titanium. This diaphragm was made into an original D.U.D. structure directly twisted around the voice coil, and reduction of high-speed response and higher-harmonic-wave distortion etc. is realized.
Furthermore, a part of magnetic circuit was frame-ized, and hybrid D.M. (direct mount) of the original unit construction which suppresses a vibration by mounting directly to a baffle plate is adopted. This was developed further, the whole plate was wrapped in the newly developed high-density damping plastics H.D. polymer, and the outstanding oscillating marshal characteristic has been acquired.

In order to secure transmission purity, I type coil which the Diatone developed uniquely is adopted as the network.
This is what wound the OFC wire around the lamination Orient core, reduces direct-current resistance, and heightens electric supply power, and is controlling the core resonance by special resin impregnation.
Moreover, the improvement of the characteristic is aimed at by adopting the electric supply system which became independent in each unit, and also adopting a sticking-by-pressure system as wiring.

The enclosure has adopted the book shelf type using the particle board selected carefully.
To the mode of vibration of the low next, it holds down by a box's own rigidity, and resolving power is improved as a distributed vibration structure about the high order mode.
Moreover, in order to prevent diffraction phenomena, the net grill of a round baffle and round form is adopted.

As an option, there is an exclusive stand using the same high-density particle board as the enclosure.

Rating of a mode
System 3 ways, 3 speakers, a sealing system, and a book shelf type
- Magnetic-shield type (EIAJ)
Use unit For low-pass: 27cm corn type
For inside regions: 10cm corn type
For high regions: 2.5cm dome shape
Play frequency band 35Hz - 32000Hz
Nominal impedance 6ohms
Output sound pressure level 91dB/W/m
Crossover frequency 600Hz, 4500Hz
The maximum input 200W(EIAJ)
Dimensions Width 360x height 690x depth of 300mm
(Depth with a network of 341mm)
Weight 26kg
Option: Speaker stand DK-700Z (an It is 1 set in two sets, 35,000yen)
Dimensions Width 360x height 188x depth of 300mm
Weight 7.5kg