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49,800yen(one set, the 1994 release)

As an advanced type of DS-600Z, it is the speaker system which supplied the technology of the Diatone.
The real dynamism design philosophy has realized dynamic sound quality also in the time of small volume.

The Woofer by a 27cm new aramid hybrid corn diaphragm is adopted as low-pass.
In order that this diaphragm may make inorganic fiber amorphous silica the Intra ply structure with the organic fiber aramid which combines a light weight and high rigidity, and a moderate internal loss and also may improve a response, it has attained the weight saving to a pulp corn and this weight.
Furthermore, in order to acquire the outstanding response and braking force, the H.D. (high dumping) suspension is adopted.

The 10cm corn type unit which adopted the new aramid hybrid corn like the Woofer is adopted as an inside region.

The 2.5cm dome shape tweeter by an H.D. (high dumping) alloy D.U.D. diaphragm is adopted as a high region.
The H.D. alloy which is a material which controls a peculiar vibration by a light weight and quantity rigidity is made into the D.U.D. structure which unifies a voice coil and a diaphragm,Furthermore, the unnecessary vibration is suppressed by adopting the hybrid D.M. (direct mount) structure of carrying the plate part of a magnetic circuit in a baffle plate directly, and high resolution and clear loud sound are realized.

The enclosure is the bass-reflex type enclosure which simulated the required minimum size for the acoustic field which is full of a feeling of a scale.
Furthermore, roundness was given to both sides and the diffraction phenomena of sound are prevented.

In order to suppress a transmission loss in a speaker terminal as much as possible, the large-sized gilding input terminal is carried in it.
Moreover, the network part considered it as the independent electric supply system in order to suppress intermodulation, and the lamination Orient core and the oxygen-free-copper line are used for it.

The stand of the exclusive design improved and tuned up from the particle board and structure of the material in consideration of the sound quality characteristic of DS-600ZA was an option.

Rating of a mode
System 3 ways, 3 speaker bass-reflex system, and a book shelf type
- Magnetic-shield type (EIAJ)
Use unit For low-pass: 27cm corn type
For inside regions: 10cm corn type
For high regions: 2.5cm dome shape
Nominal impedance 6ohms
Play frequency band 37Hz - 32000Hz
Output sound pressure level 90dB/W/m
Crossover frequency 600Hz, 4000Hz
The maximum input 150W(EIAJ)
Dimensions Width 322x height 580x depth of 285mm (315mm with a network)
Weight 16kg
Attachment OFC speaker cable (4m)
Option: Speaker stand DK-600ZA (an It is 1 set in two sets, 29,000yen)
Dimensions Width 322x height 296x depth of 300mm
Weight 6kg