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82,000yen(one set, the 1978 release)

A honey cam corn is adopted as the corn paper of a Woofer. Especially, weight versus an intensity ratio and a weight pair rigidity ratio are very large as compared with other diaphragms, and are reducing sharply distortion generated from a piston vibration region. Moreover, the minimum resonance frequency is set as 37Hz. Furthermore, the play of a high quality low-pitched sound region is realized by adopting a low distorted magnetism circuit.

adding sufficient examination for the material of the corn paper of a squawker -- as much as possible -- a low-mass -- high -- the rigid thing is chosen. Furthermore, incidental noise is removed, having applied moderate dumping braking to the center cap.

GFRP of a conical dome is adopted as the material of the diaphragm of a tweeter. It is light and also rigidity is high, and since a piston vibration region is lengthened, the frequency response has also been extended smoothly.

Moreover, the low distorted magnetism circuit was adopted as the Woofer and the squawker, and distortion generated from a magnetic circuit is improved. Furthermore, the coil containing a core which dumps well is adopted as a network coil. The cement resistance often examined in few distorted metallized polyester film capacitors by resistance for level adjustments is adopted as a capacitor.

The enclosure decentralizes vibration mode and adopts the distributed vibration type enclosure which prevented resonance. Furthermore, the acoustic air suspension system was adopted and sound quality is improved.

Rating of a mode
System 3 way 3 speaker acoustic air suspension system
- Book shelf type
Use unit For low-pitched sound: 30cm corn type
For inside sound: 10cm corn type
For loud sounds: 4cm semi dome shape
Nominal impedance 6ohms
Play frequency band 30Hz - 20000Hz
Crossover frequency 500Hz, 5000Hz
Output sound pressure level 89dB/W/m
The maximum input 80W
Level control Inside sound: Four positions (500Hz - 5000Hz)
Loud sound: Four positions (5000Hz - 20000Hz)
Dimensions Width 370x height 675x depth of 326mm
Weight 25kg