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59,800yen(one set, the 1980 release)

The newly developed press corn is adopted as a Woofer. Thickness was given to the peripheral part and it has succeeded in carrying out high-density molding.
Furthermore, the vibration is suppressed by adopting wall-thickness die casting as a frame.
Moreover, in order that distortion of the nonlinear magnetizing properties of the magnetic material which exists in the part near the voice coil may make the cavity portion near a voice coil generate non-均 1 of magnetic flux distribution and may induce distortion,In order to prevent this, the low distorted magnetism circuit which equipped the magnetic material surface part with the nickel system special alloy excellent in the linearity of magnetizing properties is carried.

The dry press corn is adopted as a squawker. The center cap made from duralumin was used for this, and moderate dumping processing has been performed to it.
In order to use wall-thickness die casting for a frame and also to suppress the resonance of crown compass, special dumping material is applied to crossing edge.

Titanium with high hardness is used for the diaphragm of a semi dome tweeter by a low-mass. Furthermore, the diaphragm perimeter was fabricated cylindrical and the driven type made to unite with a voice coil bobbin was adopted directly. For this reason, vibration of a voice coil is told by the diaphragm without futility without an adhesive line.

Few distorted metallized polyester film capacitors which were excellent in the high region characteristic are adopted as the element in a circuit, and it is used, carrying out varnish impregnation of the coil containing a lamination Orient core of further low distortion.

In order to improve the rigidity and homogeneity of a box, a package stop tenon patch is adopted as a composite construction. Furthermore, it is the distributed vibration type enclosure which allotted the proper place the reinforcement.

Rating of a mode
System 3 way 3 speaker, a sealing system, and a book shelf type
Use unit For low-pitched sound: 32cm corn type
For inside sound: 10cm corn type
For loud sounds: 4cm semi dome shape
Nominal impedance 6ohms
Play frequency band 30Hz - 30000Hz
Crossover frequency 600Hz, 5000Hz
Output sound pressure level 91dB/W/m
The maximum input 80W
Level control Inside sound: Four positions (600Hz - 5000Hz)
Loud sound: Four positions (5000Hz - 30000Hz)
Dimensions Width 370x height 680x depth of 380mm
Weight 24kg