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35,000yen(one set, the 1970 release)

It is the speaker system which improved DS- 34B from sound quality, the ease of using, and the field of a design.

The unit of the 30cm high compliance type which adopted the carved corn is adopted as low-pass.

A 10cm corn type unit is adopted as the inside region.
This unit seals the diaphragm rear completely, serves as an acoustic load type which filled up that air cell with the sound-absorbing material, and is suppressing interference with a Woofer.
Moreover, electromagnetism braking of 85000maxwell is applied to the magnetic circuit.

A 5cm corn type unit is adopted as the high region.
By the suspension of the special synthetic rubber, it has mechanical load type to which machine braking was applied enough.

The level control is carried in an inside region and high regions, and it can be operated from the front.
Moreover, the multi-amplifier contact button is carried.

The cabinet serves as fourth page finishing which uses a natural walnut, and the double saran network is used for a front grill.
Moreover, Veneer-Sheet plywood with a beautiful native wood eye is used for a front baffle.


Rating of a mode
System 3 ways, 3 speakers, a sealing system, and a book shelf type
Use unit etc. For low-pass: 30cm corn type
For inside regions: 10cm corn type
For high regions: 5cm corn type
Rated impedance 8ohms
Play frequency band 40Hz - 20000Hz
The maximum input 40W
Crossover frequency 800Hz, 6000Hz
Network Low-pass: -12 dB/oct
Inside region: 12 dB/oct, -6 dB/oct
High region: 12 dB/oct, -6 dB/oct
Output sound pressure level 99dB/W
Level control Inside region: 800Hz - 6000Hz (three positions)
High region: 6000Hz - 20000Hz (three positions)
Dimensions Width 420x height 690x depth of 285mm
Weight 22kg