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42,000yen(one set, the 1977 release)

The pipe selected carefully was processed into the corn paper of the Woofer with the air dry system (how to fabricate by the pressure of air), and it was made the carved corn of thick entering corrugation, and has adopted. Moreover, if it takes out, a cap is carried out to the air dry type which stopped the surface in the mesh, and while it tends to take place to 2 way system, it will prevent an omission. the cloth of a fiber with thick edge -- double -- using textile, mixing with thermosetting resin and dividing into several times -- coating. Furthermore, the coat of the acrylics system resin is carried out.
A large-sized ferrite magnet 140mm in diameter is adopted as a magnetic circuit.

The tweeter has adopted the back chamber of the model of the same orifice structure as a DS-25B type. This attached the sub-frame which prepared the orifice (slit-like thing) in the chamber, applied sound braking, abolished Tran Gent's aggravation and has obtained clear sound quality with sufficient resolution.

The triangle duct adopted as the duct prevents that a vibration rides on the core of a duct. And generating of the standing-wave inside a cabinet is prevented and there is work which also suppresses a duct's own natural frequency.

Rating of a mode
System A 2 way 2 speaker bass-reflex system and a book shelf type
Use unit For low-pitched sound: 30cm corn type
For loud sounds: 6cm corn type
Nominal impedance 8ohms
Play frequency band 40Hz - 20000Hz
Crossover frequency 1500Hz
Output sound pressure level 92dB/W
The maximum input 60W
Level control Loud sound: Three positions (1500Hz - 20000Hz)
Dimensions Width 370x height 630x depth of 301mm
Weight 20kg