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250,000yen(one set, the November, 1996 release)

I would like to sound a small caliber Woofer with the large enclosure comfortably. Going back to the starting point of this sound, a Diatone sends out one set of two suitable way for calling it the speaker of attachment. It is DS-205 type with the large-bore round cabinet used also for monitor speakers, such as 2S-305 type and 2S-3003 type.

While inheriting the technology of 2S-3003 to the tweeter and adopting the pure boron diaphragm, it planned reseeing a supported type etc. Population leather is stuck on the perimeter of a unit, and dumping and primary reflective sound are controlled. The consideration to the beauty of such a sound wave side and the reduction in distorted has realized the feeling of an acoustic field which transparency made high deeply.

The aramid crossing diaphragm whose rigidity it is lightweight and is high is adopted as a Woofer. Furthermore, low distorted-ization is realized and the reality of low-pitched sound with light and sufficient that it can blow going up and vocal is made conspicuous for loading of population leather edge or an A.D.M.C. Al Nico Bar John magnetism circuit.

It asks for sound with a feeling of freedom, and the abundance of sound, and the feature is given to the design of a cabinet and a bass reflex. The full reservation of the capacity of a cabinet is carried out with 80L, and a bass-reflex port is also set up greatly. The back pressure concerning a Woofer unit becomes small, and it sings freely. Moreover, the pleuron with the large-bore round of R80 turns and is full from both sides to the front and the back, and distributes the oscillating vision point of the whole cabinet to connection and the vibration from a unit to the front baffle and backlining which narrowed width, and also acts effective also in disorder of the は side by the diffraction phenomena of the emitted sound wave.
This pleuron is 11-sheet crossing lamination about beech plywood with it. [ high intensity and ] [ delicate ] In order to secure rigidity and to obtain beautiful sound, Canadian maple material is adopted as an internal joint.

Rating of a mode
System 2 ways, 2 speaker bass-reflex system, and a floor type
Magnetic-shield type (EIAJ)
Use unit For low-pitched sound: It is an aramid crossing corn type 20cm.
For loud sounds: It is a pure boron corn type 5cm.
Rated impedance 4ohms
Play frequency band 35Hz - 40000Hz
Output sound pressure level 88dB/W/m
Crossover frequency 2500Hz
The maximum input 150W(EIAJ)
Dimensions Width 482x height 700x depth of 362mm
(371mm with a network)
Weight 26kg