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The speaker system developed as a music reference corresponding to high sampling digital audio.

The 30cm cone type Woofer is carried in the low region.
The aramid honeycomb is adopted as a diaphragm. Aramid fibers are long fibers of aromatic polyamide that have high strength and elasticity, as well as light weight and moderate internal loss. This material is used as a skin material and has a structure in which H.D. (high damping) alloy is sandwiched as a honeycomb core.
The aramid fiber is used in the triaxial weave for the edge that supports the diaphragm, and the dispersion resonance at the time of high input is suppressed by exerting strength in all directions. Furthermore, by entangling the fiber with a special damping agent, the high-order natural resonance of the diaphragm and the edge itself is suppressed, and the texture is improved.
A.D.M.C.-m (Advanced Magnet Circuit-music) is carried in the magnetic circuit, and the response etc. to an input signal are improved.

The 6cm dome shape mid range is carried in the mid range.
B4C pure boron is adopted as a diaphragm. B4C has an excellent high specific elastic modulus next to crystalline diamond and a moderate internal loss, and is excellent when used in the DUD structure, which is a traditional diaphragm structure of diamond tone. Has gained responsiveness. B4C has a very high melting point of 2,450°C, so it was said that it could not be formed by conventional technology. However, Diatone has solved this problem by its own plasma spraying method. I am.
Hybrid D.M. which is a highly rigid frame structure is adopted as a magnetic circuit, and the S/N feeling is improved by fixing a plate part directly to a baffle board and enclosing it in an aluminum alloy family sting material.

The 2.3mm dome type tweeter is carried in the high region.
The B4C pure boron diaphragm is adopted by the D.U.D. structure also in the tweeter like the mid range, and the high speed reproduction with little signal transmission loss is enabled. Moreover, the hybrid D.M. is adopted as the magnetic circuit and the frame structure, and the reproduction with high texture is enabled.

The network part has adopted the independent electric power feeding system which eliminated mutual interference between units. In addition, a distributed arrangement is adopted to suppress the modulation due to the interference between network elements.
The high pass filter of the tweeter is carefully selected and adopted the element excellent in the high frequency characteristic, and the uncompromising parts such as the low tan δ condenser and the original air core coil are adopted. Moreover, the crimping wiring which eliminated soldering is adopted as a connection method, and the purity of a signal is raised.

The gold-plated large-sized terminal corresponding to a very thick cable and a banana plug is adopted as an input terminal.

Enclosure has introduced the handcraft technology of Diatone Kobo.
In order to suppress the sound diffraction phenomenon, the front baffle adopts a two-sided round baffle with a large roundness, and the top end is made of Canadian real maple which is a high-grade real wood finished in a soft curved shape. It has a beautiful sound. In addition, the body plate is finished using walnut veneer, improving the attack speed and resolution.
The inside uses a highly rigid distributed resonance structure.

The exclusive speaker stand is adopted as an option.
This stand has a high rigidity and low resonance structure using ceramic materials. Moreover, the low resonance structure is promoted by treating the front surface which is delicate in sound quality with the reinforcement of wood.
This stand consists of 5 legs to keep the whole weight firmly on the floor. In addition, the upper part that supports the speaker is designed so that four-point support and three-point support can be selected so that the sound of the bottom plate can be controlled appropriately, and a spacer for fine adjustment of sound quality is also included.

type 3 ways, 3 speakers, sealed system, bookshelf type
Magnetic shield type (EIAJ)
Unit used For low range: 30 cm cone type
For mid range: 6cm dome type
For high regions: 2.3cm dome shape
Rated impedance
Playback frequency band 27Hz-80kHz
Output sound pressure level 90dB/W/m
Crossover frequency 500Hz, 5kHz
Maximum input 180W(EIAJ)
Outer dimensions Width 380x height 725x depth of 315mm
Depth with net: 356 mm
weight 37kg
Sold separately: Speaker stand DK-2000Z (1 unit, ¥40,000)
Outer dimensions Width 380x height 170x depth of 315mm
weight 27kg
Included spacer