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DIATONE DS-20000 * Build to order and 300 sets of limitation
500,000yen(one set, the 1992 release)

A Diatone studio is the speaker system developed making full use of much technology and woodwork technology.

It is proud of the surprising high specific modulus which ranks second to a crystalline substance diamond in a tweeter, and the ideal material B4C of the mid-high range which moreover has a moderate internal loss because of a nonmetal, and a high region diaphragm is adopted as it. He has promised the super-high region play up to 80kHz. And high rigidity structure D.U.D. of a voice coil bobbin integral type is adopted, and the beauty of the reverberation which B4C has is sublimated to high musicality. The high rigidity frame structure D.M. (direct mount) system directly attached to the baffle plate is adopted as a magnetic circuit, and a plate part puts control of an unnecessary vibration into practice among it conjointly with the sub-frame of the large-bore-ized copper alloy material.

The musicality of the high region was improved to the limit. In order to express automatically relation of the sound from a high region to an inside region, the ideal material "B4C diaphragm" to a high-density play is adopted also as a mid range. And since it carries as the highest mid range that covers a broadband further, a large caliber design as rare as 75mm is made, and it completes as a D.U.D. structure of promising the outstanding linearity. The "double-sided H.D. (high dumping) Than Gen Shal edge" which serves as a five-layer design including an adhesive line is used for edge,"A. D.M.C.-m (Advanced Magnet Circuit-music)" which used a large-sized Al Nico magnet 90mm in diameter for the drive system for reduction of unnecessary radiation sound is carried.

In order to play the abundance of very high resolution and music, the aramid honeycomb corn of a 27cm aperture is adopted as a low-pass unit. In addition to high intensity and high elasticity, the aramid which is an aromatic polyamide fiber is the optimal material of a low-pass diaphragm with a light weight and a moderate internal loss. This skin material is pasted up with a core using special matrix resin, and it is a honeycomb structure diaphragm. 3 axis weave aramid edge which is excellent in linearity and realizes a piston action with little rolling is adopted as edge. In a drive system, the A.D.M.C.-m magnetism circuit which reproduces all input ripples more faithfully is carried, and low distortion-ization is promoted more to it. Low-pass abundance and a natural acoustic field play are realized.

The enclosure makes it the concept "to finish the highest material with the highest woodwork technology." First, the highest-class Sitka spruce is sumptuously used for a baffle plate and a backlining. The face panel was stuck on two layers of back and front, and also an American cherry thrust plate is set, and it controls thoroughly to a delicate vibration. The angle component of the hard maple was used for the joint, and in order to induce beautiful sound, it was considered as the simple junction system. In consideration of an acoustic feature, "polyester thick film gloss paint" to which only the highest-class grand piano for export is given is adopted as surface finish. It results in completion through what and the process of 35 from ground processing to the last buff polish. By this paint, the speediness of an attack and resolution are improving greatly. Furthermore, the work of a Diatone studio is used for all the parts which constitute a system.

To sticking-by-pressure wiring, oxygen-free-copper shaving appearance is made an input terminal for a gilding sleeve with gilding specification, and improvement in a purity is promoted. Furthermore, adoption of a radial electric supply system, 3 piece division structures, division arrangement, etc. supplied all the high purity transmission technology.

Furthermore, at the time of improvement shipment, primary aging is given to every set and final sound quality is controlled. In addition, it is attached in polishing wax and a polishing gross so that gloss can be maintained over a long period of time.

Rating of a mode
System 3 ways, 3 speakers, a sealing system, and a book shelf type
- Magnetic-shield type
Use unit For low-pitched sound: It is an aramid honeycomb corn type 27cm.
For inside sound: 7.5cm B
4C D.U.D. dome shape
For loud sounds: 2.3cm B
4C D.U.D. dome shape
Rated impedance 4ohms
Play frequency band 35Hz - 80000Hz
Output sound pressure level 88dB/W/m
Crossover frequency 500Hz, 5000Hz
The maximum input 220W(EIAJ)
Dimensions Width 360x height 695x depth of 339mm
Weight 35kg
Attachment Polishing wax
Polishing crossing
Option Exclusive stand DK-20000 (150,000yen, It is 1 set in two sets)