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168,000yen(one set, the 1985 release)

The honey cam &D.M.M. system Woofer, and the squawker and tweeter which adopted the boron D.U.D.&D.M. system are adopted.
Moreover, in order to carry out a high purity play, a network is divided into 3 division 3 piece composition, and it is coped with so that the bad influence of a mutual network may be avoided.
For the enclosure, an oscillating mechanism is solved using original diaphragm analysis technology, and it is designing to it based on it.

Rating of a mode
System 3 way 3 speaker, a sealing system, and a book shelf type
Use unit For low-pitched sound: 30cm corn type
For inside sound: 6.0cm dome shape
For loud sounds: 2.3cm dome shape
Nominal impedance 6ohms
Play frequency band 28Hz - 40000Hz
Output sound pressure level 90dB/W/m
Crossover frequency 500Hz, 4500Hz
The maximum input 180W(EIAJ)
Dimensions Width 410x height 710x depth of 362mm
Weight 38kg