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25,000yen(one set, the 1979 release)

It is 2 way speaker system which adopted the acoustic air suspension system with small size.

The thing suitable for an acoustic air suspension system is adopted as a Woofer. Powerful magnetic energy is secured to the magnet using a 110mm large-sized magnet.
Moreover, attention is enough paid also for weight distribution of a vibration system, the airtightness of corn paper, the compliance of a support system, and the linearity at the time of the large amplitude.
With a kind of mechanical filter which equipped the voice coil with the dumpling made from special composition gum, the high region characteristic is improved and the relation in near crossover frequency is made smooth.

The rigid outstanding titanium alloy was molded into the center cap of the tweeter in the shape of a cone, and is adopted as it. Generating of division vibration is suppressed by this, directional characteristics improve, and expansion of the piston motion zone is aimed at.

The metallized polyester film condenser which was low-skew to the capacitor for networks, and was excellent in the high region characteristic is adopted. In a coil, direct-current resistance is small, and few distorted coils containing a core are used.

Rating of a mode
System 2 ways and 2 speaker acoustic air suspension system
Book shelf type
Use unit For low-pitched sound: 20cm corn type
For loud sounds: 4cm corn type
Nominal impedance 6ohms
Play frequency band 45Hz - 20000Hz
Crossover frequency 2000Hz
Output sound pressure level 90dB/W/m
The maximum input 60W
Dimensions Width 240x height 415x depth of 241mm
Weight 9kg