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The bookshelf type speaker system of the 2 way composition which emphasized the mid range which is a fundamental band of music, and clear high range reproduction.

The 16cm cone type Woofer is carried in the low region.
The magnet shield system which used the magnetic-shield type magnet is adopted as the magnetic circuit of a Woofer. This prevents leakage magnetic flux and raises magnetic flux density at the same time and improves the sound quality.

The 3cm dome shape tweeter is carried in the high region.
While adopting a high heat-resistant polymer film that has excellent sound quality characteristics as the diaphragm material, we are aiming to achieve high speed with the unique D.U.D. structure of Diatone that integrates the voice coil bobbin and the diaphragm.

While increasing the internal capacity as a compact 2 way to the last minute, the enclosure has improved the volume feeling of a low region by adopting a back bass reflex system.
In addition to the sound absorbing material, the woofer is set to the optimum position to prevent standing waves generated inside. Resonance is reduced by using a stronger distributed resonance type.

There are two types of appearance finish, walnut finish and peer oak finish.

There was also a dedicated speaker stand, ceiling bracket, and wall bracket that were sold separately.

type 2 way, 2 speaker, bass reflex system, bookshelf type, magnetic-shield design (EIAJ)
Unit used For low frequencies: 16 cm cone type
For high regions: 3cm dome shape
Playback frequency band 50Hz-30kHz
Nominal impedance
Output sound pressure level 90dB/W/m
Crossover frequency 5kHz
Maximum input 100W(EIAJ)
Outer dimensions width 200x height 380x depth 220mm
weight 4.0kg
Included OFC speaker cable
Sold separately Ceiling mount bracket DK-504 (1 set of 2 units, JPY 22,000)
Wall mount bracket DK-505 (2 units 1 set, ¥24,000)
Sold separately: Speaker stand DK-55WN/OK (2 units 1 set, ¥18,000)
Outer dimensions Width 270x height 300x depth of 290mm
weight 4.0kg