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DIATONE DS-10000 Klavier * Build to order and 300 sets of limitation
350,000yen(one set, the 1985 release)

The musical instruments which repeat adjustment ready sound carefully one by one, and are produced Soon, they are left to a player's hand, and spin and raise new music. The sound enchants the time, and enchants a wind, and enchants people.
Isn't the speaker system with the alignment of the affection in which there is such a warm sound made? All the sensitivities which shine even if it supplies all the technology which the engineers of a Diatone can have were poured out, and a new sound was completed now.
One sound borne by harmony with the essence of speaker technology, and the sensitivity by which people were sharpened well. One sound which received the love to engineers' music in itself. Diatone KLAVIER . The technology is offered for the musicality to the alignment of all the people that love music.

23mm strengthening diffusion boronized D.U.D. which performed multistage type reducing work is adopted as the diaphragm of a tweeter. moreover, the pearl twisted for carrying out product shaving appearance made from a gun metal to a sub-frame -- use. While taking the accuracy of dimension of a movement severely, the beautiful oscillating attenuation which the gun metal itself has has realized the beautiful high region play of a reverberation.

50mm strengthening diffusion boronized D.U.D. is adopted as a mid range. In a Diatone, its attention is paid also to the suspension supporting a diaphragm in order to harness this outstanding diaphragm further. The high linearity was obtained, and the Than Gen Shal edge by the three-layer structure of butyl rubber and a polyamide fiber by which hardness control was carried out is adopted so that the radiation from a suspension may be suppressed as much as possible. Moreover, in order to distribute structurally acoustic covering which requires the back pressure from a diaphragm directly so that vibration mode may not concentrate on one place, fabrication by hand iris diaphragm is performed altogether. Furthermore, the thing made from the gun metal by which oscillating attenuation was controlled to depend for beginning to delete is used for the sub-frame which supports a vibration system through a suspension. In accordance with adoption of the D.M. system which made the magnet and the frame unify, it is retried to receive not only a diaphragm but the play sound from the whole unit, and processing of sound is investigated. Spec. which could not reach and which cannot be mass-produced was realized in the old system.
The aramid honeycomb curved corn of a 27cm aperture is adopted as a Woofer.
This develops the special matrix resin which carried out special combination of the flexible resin strengthened with an aramid fiber as skin material of a honeycomb corn, and gave the big internal loss to resin itself. It is fabricating as a honeycomb structure diaphragm on which this skin material and an aluminum honeycomb core were pasted up. Furthermore, optimization of a design is attained by computer simulation, a diaphragm is made into curved form, and a voice coil adopts the edgewise coil of precision winding processing. By improvement in effective energy, massive [ which is applied to inside low-pass from low-pass ] and textures are raised.

The prejudice is made not only into a unit but into the network.
The "crystal-on thicker line oxygen-free-copper line" which had a margin in the wire diameter is adopted as all the wiring about a system. The Diatone has plated all with gold at the sleeve of the sticking-by-pressure wiring adopted promptly in order to eliminate the metal border plane distortion of an electric quantity.
Furthermore, thorough highly-efficient-izing and reliability which tried to have put into practice and, in addition, promise deer and proper current supply to each unit by a radial electric supply system to electric current density, such as distribution, are secured. Especially in a network circuit, while using unstintingly extravagant elements, such as adoption of a large-sized MP condenser, the modulation by the electromagnetic coupling between inductors and a speaker internal pressure is taken into consideration,Use and also the break-up structure of three piece are adopted as the base for the beautiful spruce material of a damping characteristic. Techniques, such as acoustic covering by hand iris diaphragm with which each unit was loaded, and a sub-frame of gun metal shaving appearance,The alignment which stands also on the technique as the whole system, and returns, for example, polishes up the sound of Diatones, such as exclusion of a saran network and a bottle cap of each unit, is harnessed even in all the corners.
Furthermore, from this model, the Diatone is carrying out improvement security of primary aging.

In order to take best matching with use, its material characteristic, and a high rigidity unit for the spruce material currently used as a sounding board of a piano, this was made into lumber core structure and adopted as a baffle plate and a backlining. Furthermore, in order to distribute the vibration mode of a baffle plate and a backlining, the direction of each lumber core material is changed. Surface finish is extravagant and classical jet black finishing. They are the looks which can also be called a handicraft. That deep gloss and profound feeling also considered the sound quality characteristic by the Diatone with last thing, and have adopted this surface finish. In fact, compared with the urethane paint generally used, surface hardness could fully be taken and the speediness of an attack and resolution were improved by leaps and bounds.

Rating of a mode
System 3 ways, 3 speakers, a sealing system, and a book shelf type
Use unit For low-pitched sound: 27cm aramid honeycomb carved corn type
For inside sound: 5.0cm boron D.U.D. dome shape
For loud sounds: 2.3cm boron D.U.D. dome shape
Rated impedance 6ohms
Play frequency band 35Hz - 60000Hz
The minimum resonance frequency 45Hz
Output sound pressure level 90dB/W/m
Crossover frequency 600Hz, 5000Hz
The maximum input 180W(EIAJ)
Rated input 60W(EIAJ)
Network For low-pitched sound: -12 dB/oct
For inside sound: 12 dB/oct, -12 dB/oct
For loud sounds: 12 dB/oct
Dimensions Width 360x height 625x depth of 290mm
Weight 27kg
Attachment Polishing wax
Polishing crossing
Option Exclusive stand DK-10000 (\100,000, It is 1 set in two sets)