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A small preamplifier of discrete configuration realized by a push switch and 4-layered printed circuit board.

Built-in MC head amplifier with new type transistor adopted for DA-P15 type.

In the first stage of the equalizer amplifier and tone amplifier, we use a low-noise FET that is carefully selected in terms of noise and performance in order to minimize the noise generated by the transistor. In addition, we increase the S/N ratio by reducing the impedance of the feedback circuit.
Also, in terms of circuit, we have adopted a differential 2-stage amplifier circuit + class A push-pull circuit with a current mirror load with less distortion. This circuit reduces distortion in open loop and improves bare characteristics such as a wider band. This enables stable negative feedback and low distortion factor.

Equipped with digital tone control by fixed resistor and push switch.
Accurate tone control can be achieved in 2 dB steps by selecting plus or minus and the amount of change with the push switch. Note that the CR time constant circuit of the tone control circuit creates undulations in the frequency response even at the tone control flat position. Therefore, the M-P01 has a tone defeat switch, so that the time constant circuit is completely disconnected when the switch is turned on to obtain a flat frequency response.

A large-capacity power supply is used for the power supply section, and DC voltage is supplied to each unit amplifier through a constant voltage circuit, enabling stable operation of each unit amplifier.

Tape duplication allows you to listen to other sources while the tape is being copied.

Equipped with a subsonic filter.

Built-in muting relay prevents click noise when the power is ON.

The phono input terminal is gold-plated to prevent changes over time.

Model Rating
Type Control amplifier
Circuit system MC Head Amplifier : PURE CON Emitter Ground + Class A Pure Con SEPP
Equalizer Amplifier / Tone Amplifier : Current Muller additional FET differential +
Darlington Differential with Current Mirror Load + Class A Pure Con SEPP
Input Sensitivity / Impedance Phono MC : 100 μ V/10 Ω
Phono MM : 2.3mV/50k Ω, 100 pF
Tuner, Aux, Play1/2 : 150mV/50k Ω
Output Level / Impedance Output : 1 V (Rated) / 600 Ω, 18 V (Maximum Output)
Rec1/2 : 150mV/600 Ω
Maximum allowable input MC:12mV
Frequency characteristic Phono : 20 Hz to 20 kHz ± 0.2 dB
Tuner, Aux, Play1/2 : 10 hz to 100 khz + 0 to 0.5 db
Harmonic distortion factor Phono MC:0.005%
Phono MM:0.003%
Tuner, Aux, Play : 0.002%
Input reduced noise Phono MC:-157dB/V
Phono MM:-140dB/V
Tuner, Aux, Play : -126dB/V
S/N Phono MC:78dB
Phono MM:88dB
Tuner, Aux, Play : 110 dB
Tone control Bass : ± 2/4/6/8dB (100 Hz)
Treble : ± 2/4/6/8dB (10 kHz)
Subsonic filter 18 Hz, 6dB/oct.
Pwer 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 15W
External dimensions Width 270x Height 70x Depth 247 mm
Weight 3.2kg
Attachment Hex Wrench