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DIATONE DA-R400 90,000yen(1973 release)
100,000yen(around the 1975 time)

He is the four-channel receiver which contained SE decoder in addition to RM (regular matrix) and SQ matrix circuit.

The mechanism which can play simultaneously two music sauce, such as a disc, an FM broadcast and a disc, and a tape, by two channels is carried in the amplifier part.

The pure complimentary OTL circuit is adopted as a power amplifier part, an interstage capacitor is excluded, and a noise and distortion are decreased.

SE logic circuit is adopted as a decoder part.
In SE logic circuit, the cross talk called fault of four matrices was lost, and the separation is improved.

FM tuner part has adopted 1 step of FET RF magnification.

The microphone mixing circuit is carried.

The recording play by four channels is possible.

Four level meters are carried.

Rating of a mode
Form 4ch receiver
<Audio part>
4ch operation : 13 W/ch (4ohms)
9.5 W/ch (8ohms)
1ch operation : 17 W/ch (4ohms)
11 W/ch (8ohms)
Music 70W (4ohms)
47W (8ohms)
EIAJ: 60W (4ohms)
Power bandwidth 20Hz - 20kHz
Input sensitivity/impedance Phono: 2mV/50kohm
Mic: 1.5mV/50kohm
Aux: 150mV/60kohm
Discrete: 150mV/150kohm
Tape play: 150mV/50kohm
THD 0.8% (at the time of an Output power)
0.06% (at the time of 1W output)
Tone control Bass: ±10dB (100Hz)
Treble: ±10dB (10kHz)
Remains noise 0.5mV
Input conversion noise Phono:-120dB(V)
<Matrix decoder part>
RM decoder separation (1kHz input) Between right and left (front back): 13dB
Between order (at the time of a monophonic signal): 16dB
Between diagonal channels: 20dB
SQ decoder separation (1kHz input) Between right and left: 10dB
Between order (monophonic signal): 6dB
<FM tuner part>
Antenna A 300-ohm balance, 75-ohm disequilibrium
Practical speed 2 microvolts (IHF)
Image disturbance ratio 60dB(IHF)
IF disturbance ratio 90dB
S/N 70dB
THD (100% abnormal conditions) mono:0.2%
Separation 30dB
<AM tuner part>
Practical speed 55dB (a bar antenna, S/N 30dB)
S/N 55dB
Power consumption 67W
Dimensions Width 497x height 139x depth of 398mm
Weight 13.6kg