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DIATONE DA-R340 59,000yen(1973 release)
65,000yen(around the 1975 time)

He is the FM/AM receiver which adopted the high reliability design.

The whole page direct connection pure complimentary OCL circuit is adopted as a power amplifier part.
Furthermore, an electric impedance change of a speaker system is coped with by improving a power ratio.

The double balance differential recovery circuit is adopted as a FM-MPX part, and distortion by the nonlinear portion of a diode is lost. Moreover, the discrete transformer beyond peak separation 1MHz was adopted as the detection stage, and the characteristic which was excellent in using a phase linear ceramics filter for IF stage over all the zones has been acquired.

FM muting circuit with few pop noises is carried.
In this circuit, with the substitution method, it is not concerned with ON/OFF of muting operation, but the bias conditions of the transistor of a muting circuit are fixed, and the pop noise can be reduced.

The improvement of sound quality is aimed at by employing triple Cheung IFT as an AM-IF stage.

Mixing recording is possible.

The FM DET out terminal which can perform decoder connection for FM 4ch is carried.

The MPX filter is carried.

The selector position indicator is carried.

Rating of a mode
Form AM/FM receiver
<Audio part>
Load impedance 4-16ohm
Both ch(es) operation : 25W+25W (4ohms)
19W+19W (8ohms)
One-side-channel operation : 30W/30W (4ohms)
21W/21W (8ohms)
Music 72W (4ohms)
49W (8ohms)
EIAJ: 58W (4ohms)
Power bandwidth 10Hz - 50kHz
THD 0.8% (at the time of an Output power)
0.06% (at the time of 1W output)
Frequency response Phono:RIAA STD
Aux: 10Hz-50kHz 0.5dB
Input sensitivity/impedance Phono: 2.5mV/50kohm
Aux: 150mV/60kohm
Playback: 150mV/60kohm (pin), 300mV/50kohm (din)
Mic: 1mV/40kohm
Recording output Rec1, 2:150mV (pin), 30mV (din)
Tone control Bass: ±10dB (100Hz)
Treble: ±10dB (10kHz)
Remains noise 0.9mV
Input conversion noise Phono:-118dB(V)
<FM tuner part>
Antenna A 300-ohm balance, 75-ohm disequilibrium
Practical speed 1.8 microvolts (IHF)
The degree of effective selection 60dB(IHF)
Capture ratio 1.5dB(IHF)
Image disturbance ratio 60dB
IF disturbance ratio 70dB
AM oppression ratio 50dB
S/N 70dB
THD (100% abnormal conditions) mono:0.2%
Separation 40dB(1kHz)
Muting / MPX noise filter ON-OFF is possible.
<AM tuner part>
Practical speed 55dB (bar antenna S/N 30dB)
The degree of selection 35dB (±10kHz)
Image disturbance ratio 40dB
S/N 50dB
Power consumption 61W
Dimensions Width 450x height 146x depth of 330mm
Weight 10.5kg