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40,000yen(around the 1976 time)

It is a preamplifier of Feature series.

It is cautious of the separation between channel enough, and since it is designed, about 10dB improves from the conventional thing.

While adopting as a tone circuit few current mirror circuits where a voltage amplification degree is large and distorted at a symmetrical drive, the inverted Darlington emitter follower circuit was adopted as the filter circuit, and the low distortion is realized.

The super-low noise transistor developed with the low concentration diffusion technology of the Diatone is adopted as the first rank differential amplification stage of equalizer amplifier.

An original variable resistor with a switch is adopted as a tone control circuit, and a damping time constant circuit is separated completely and it has the composition that a flat frequency response is acquired in the flat position.

The full-scale Attenuator of 22 contacts is adopted. The gang error is less than 1.5dB even with the degree of attenuation of 28dB, respectively with less than 1dB and the degree of attenuation of 30dB or more.

By remote control, the direct speaker change of the power amplifier of Feature series is attained.

- Audio muting of 20dB.

18Hz, the low cut filter of 12 dB/oct.

9kHz, the high cut filter of 6 dB/oct.

Two tape monitors.

The duplicate switch which can be used independently.

Docking with the power amplifier of Feature series is possible.

Rating of a mode
Form Preamplifier
Input sensitivity/input impedance
Phono1, 2 : 2.2mV/50kohm
Tuner: 150mV/60kohm
AUX: 150mV/60kohm
Play1, 2 : 150mV/60kohm
Phono maximum permissible input 270mV (2.2mV o'clock, 1kHz, 0.1% of a THD)
An Output voltage/Output load impedance
Pre Out (at the time of 50kohm load) : Rated 1V/600 ohm
A maximum of 9V/600ohm
Head Phone (at the time of 8-ohm load) : 50mV of rating
(Pre Out 150mV o'clock)
Rec: 150mV/680 ohms
THD (20Hz - 20kHz) At the time of 1V output: 0.02% or less
At the time of 9V output: 0.05% or less
Frequency response
Phono (RIAA deflection) : 30Hz-15kHz±0.2dB
Tuner, AUX, Play 10Hz-70kHz 0dB-0.5dB
Tone control Bass: ±10dB (100Hz)
Treble: ±10dB (10kHz)
Filter Low: 18Hz, 12 dB/oct
High: 9kHz, 6 dB/oct
Input conversion noise
(IHF, A network, input short-circuit)
Phono: -126dB
Tuner, AUX, Play : -106dB
The number of the semiconductors used FET:2
Transistor: 26
Diode: Five
Power source AC100V 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption (Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law) 8W
Dimensions Width 425x height 169x depth of 204mm
Weight 5.3kg