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28,000yen(around the 1978 time)


Rating of a mode
Form Preamplifier
Input sensitivity/input impedance Phono: 2.5mV/50kohm
Tuner, AUX, Play1, 2:150mV/30kohm
Mic: 2mV/10kohm
An Output voltage/Output load impedance Pre Out1, 10V [ 2:1V (rating) and ] (maximum)/600ohm
Rec Out (Phono 2.5mV o'clock): 150mV/600 ohms
Phono maximum permissible input 220mV (distorted [ 0.1% ] 1kHz)
THD 0.015% or less (at the time of 20Hz - 20kHz, and 1V output)
Frequency response Phono(RIAA deflection): 20Hz-20kHz+0 -0.5 dB
Tuner, AUX, Play1, and 2:10Hz-70kHz+0 -0.5 dB
Tone control Bass: 100Hz, ±10dB
Treble: 10kHz, ±10dB
Subsonic Filter 20Hz, 6 dB/oct
Muting -20dB
Signal to noise ratio (IHF, A network) Phono:74dB
Tuner, AUX, Play1, 2:98dB
Separation Phono (1kHz, 75dB or more, 20kHz): 55dB or more
Tuner, AUX, Play1, 2 1kHz : 65dB or more
20kHz : 45dB or more
The semiconductor used IC: Four pieces
Transistor: Four pieces
Diode: Seven pieces
LED: One piece
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 3W
AC outlet Switched: Two lines (total 5A)
Unswitched: One line (total 1A)
Dimensions Width 480x height 139x depth of 324mm
Weight 4kg