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The first receiver released by Diatone at the same time as the Integrated Amplifier DA-55U.

The amplifier part has adopted the complementary SEPP-OTL system by an all-silicon transistor.
The diffusion type silicon transistor which has a large secondary breakdown withstand power is adopted as a power transistor, and it is considered to withstand a small amount of output terminal short circuit even if a speaker terminal is accidentally short-circuited. In addition, as a double safety measure, an electronic switch using a silicon thyristor is installed.

If the output end is short-circuited, an overload will be displayed and you can identify it at a glance.

The silicon planner transistor is adopted as an FM tuner part, and the high sensitivity is aimed at.

The pure electronic type automatic switching circuit is adopted as an FM multi-circuit, and mono-stereo switching is performed automatically at the time of stereo reception. The stereo indicator lights up during stereo reception.
The balance type switching system is adopted as this circuit, and the leakage of a subcarrier is small in combination with a CR composite element (38kHz filter), and the reception of a high degree of separation and a low distortion is possible.

The AM tuner part is equipped with a ferrite bar antenna.

The 7-step switching type tone control of a 3dB step is adopted as a tone control.
This method has no deviation between channels and enables accurate sound quality adjustment.

The exterior uses a wooden cabinet made of Eurasian teak, which has the same design as the consumer Diatone speakers announced at the same time.

Model Stereo tri-amplifier with FM (MPX)
& lt; Amplifier & gt;
Maximum output 49.5W + 49.5W (4Ω) / 20% or less
Continuous output 32W + 32W (4Ω)
30W + 30W (4Ω, listed in another catalog)
Music Power 43W + 43W (4Ω)
Distortion rate 0.5% or less (music power)
1% or less (during continuous output)
20% or less (at maximum output)
Frequency characteristics 20Hz-20kHz -2dB (Tape)
Input Phono: 4.7mV / 47kΩ
Tape: 185mV / 125kΩ
Tone control Low range: + 9dB -13dB (100Hz, 3dB step)
High range: + 10dB -12dB (10kHz, 3dB step)
S / N Tape: 65dB or more
Damping factor 30-60
30 (8Ω, listed in another catalog)
< FM tuner >
Receive frequency 76MHz-90MHz
antenna 300Ω balanced type
Sensitivity 3 μV / 83 MHz (30% modulation, S / N ratio 30 dB)
S / N ratio 50dB (input 60dBμV, 83MHz, 30% modulation)
Frequency characteristics 20Hz-15kHz ± 2dB (stereo)
Distortion rate 1% or less (400Hz, 30% modulation, 83MHz)
Stereo separation 40dB or more
<AM Tuner >
Receive frequency 535kHz ~ 1605kHz
antenna Bar antenna (with external terminal)
Sensitivity 50μV / m (1000kHz)
S / N ratio 40dB (input 74dBμV / m, 1000kHz, 30% modulation)
Frequency characteristics 100Hz-4.5kHz -2dB
Distortion rate 2% or less (400Hz, 30% modulation, 1000kHz)
< Comprehensive >
Transistor used Transistors: 33
Diodes: 23
Thyristor: 1
power supply AC100V
Power consumption 104VA
External dimensions Width 460 x Height 170 x Depth 310 mm
Weight 9.0kg
9.5kg (listed in another catalog)