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a price point -- unknown (? at the 1990 time)

The speaker system which introduced the bipolar technology in order to improve a directivity.

A directive large speaker unit is arranged to an order baffle, and it is driving by the corresponding phase.
By a rear surface release type die Poral monotonous speaker, since it generally became a plane wave of an order opposite phase and was strongly influenced by phase interference, realizing such large directional characteristics was not completed, but the diffusion property almost near a 360-degree undirectional has been acquired with this technology.

M-1 is 3 way 5 unit configuration, and is mounted forward and backward, respectively except the Woofer.
The hyper-polic dome tweeter which maintains a quick transient and a low-distortion flat response at a high region over the directing span of 180 degrees in each band. The high-speed response wide band mid range by the carbon addition polypropylene low-mass cone of a three-layer lamination is adopted as the mid range, a special treatment is given to low-pass, and it is the carbon addition polypropylene oscillating version,The high input-proof long stroke Woofer which adopted the 38mmphi voice coil and the butyl rubber is adopted.

An enclosure makes full use of a CAD design and CAM processing technology, and is suppressing the size error to }100 microns.
Moreover, the high-density fiber board was used and the occurrence of a peculiar vibration and a stationary wave is eliminated by a special splicing structure and internal septum, and solid angle reinforcement.
All units avoid the influence of a diffracted wave, and are using it as the flush mantle sunk into the baffle side. Furthermore, a corner is considered as curved surface finish, and it is being fixed that there is no gap in the same planar as a baffle so that a grill cross may not become an out-of-order of a good diffusion pattern, either.
Kibe's surface finish serves as black gross finish.

The network part is developed by Computer modeling in order to secure the neutral response and tone balance over an omnidirection 360 degrees. Furthermore, a careful selection part is combined and it is tuned up by the careful listening comprehension test.
Moreover, the input terminal supports bi-wiring / by amplifier.

Rating of a mode
Form 3 ways, 5 speaker bipolar bass-reflex scheme, and a floor type
Using unit For low-pass: 25.4cm cone type
For mid ranges: 11.4cm cone type x2
For high regions: 1.9cm dome shape x2
Frequency characteristic On-axis: 30Hz-20kHz}2dB
Off-axis: 30Hz-18kHz}2dB
Practical use low-pass property 24Hz (-10dB anechoic chamber)
Impedance 7ohms (4-ohm minimum)
The maximum input Succession: 200W
Peek: 300W
Output sound pressure level 85.5dB/2.83V/m
Cross over frequency 400Hz, 2.2kHz
Dimensions Width 461x height 1337x depth of 211mm
Weight 59kg