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A record player with a direct drive system.

The drive system adopts a direct drive system using a DC servo motor with electronic circuit control system.
The turntable is made of die-cast aluminum and has a large inertia moment of 260kg/cm. In addition, it has a high bearing accuracy of ± 2/1000mm and roundness of ± 1/1000mm or less.

33 the speed check at 33 1/3 and 45 rpm uses an electronic meter system. The 0 adjustment on the meter is calibrated using a frequency counter to match the constant speed rotation of the motor in pursuit of greater accuracy.
In addition, it is equipped with independent speed control mechanism of 33 1/3 and 45 rpm respectively, and fine adjustment of ± 6% is possible for the specified speed.

The tone arm is equipped with static balance type MA-202L.
This tone arm combines the rotating part bearing with an ultra-precision angular type bearing and μ unique pivot to obtain excellent sensitivity. In addition, considering the pipe material and finish accuracy, low-frequency resonance and local resonance are suppressed by the use of damping materials. Height adjustment is one touch lever type within 6 mm range.

Shock at the time of contact between the record and needle tip is prevented by the delayed action of the oil dump type arm lifter. In addition, it is equipped with μ's unique inside four scan seller mechanism.

The cartridge is equipped with M-7000/e of MM type cartridge.
This cartridge is compatible with CD-4 by changing the needle tip.

The cabinet has a 1-mm punching metal center and a 10-mm thick bottom plate to reduce acoustic feedback resonance and is finished with an aluminum die-cast panel.
To prevent howling, we have also adopted rubber feet with adjustable height.

There is a rotary front door that also serves as a parts box.

The output connector is a DIN connector.

Model Rating
Type Record player
<Turntable portion>
Drive system Direct drive system
Motor DC servo motor
Number of revolutions 33 1/3, 45 rpm
Turntable 31 cm aluminum die cast, 2.0 kg
Uneven rotation Not more than 0.04%
Signal-to-noise ratio 58 dB or more
Tone Arm Section
Type Static Balance Type, MA-202
Effective length 252mm
Overhang 15mm
Offset angle 21 ゜
Maximum tracking error 1.5 degrees or less
Applicable Cartridge Dead Weight 4g ~ 16g (9g ~ 21g with additional weight)
Needle pressure variable range 0 ~ 3g
Cartridge Section
Type MM Type (M-7000/e)
Frequency characteristic range 5 Hz to 45 kHz
Output balance ± 0.5 dB at 1 kHz
Channel separation 30dB(1kHz)
Output voltage 3.5 mv (1 khz, 3.54cm/s)
Load resistance 45k Ω ~ 50k Ω
Optimum needle pressure 1.5g
Needle tip 0.3x0.8 mil Oval Diamond Needle
Compliance 30x10-6cm/dyne
Dead weight 5g
Exchange needle V-7000/e(¥5,900)
V-7000/F (for CD-4, ¥ 9,000)
Power consumption 10W
External dimensions Width 498x Height 171x Depth 422 mm
Weight 13kg