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MERIDIAN 204 185,000yen(around the 1988 time)

In order to correspond to an evolution of FM sources, such as formation of many offices and high-quality-sound-izing, the improvement in musicality was aimed at. Furthermore, it is FM stereo tuner which gave the original approach in a functional side.

Coexistence of the receiving capacity to have added the thorough study to each circuitry stage, and to have excelled, and a high-quality sound play is aimed at piercing through the concept of a tone-quality first priority in all.

The preset functionality of a total of 18 games, the timer functionality, the search threshold level functionality that passes the office below the signal level which signal-level-displayed and was set up, etc. are carried.

A remote operation and timer set of a systemwide can be performed by wiring with 207mkII, the preamplifier 201, and network cable of a compact disk player.
P lead is an object for the interconnection with compact-disk-player 207mkII, and Q lead is an object for the interconnection with a preamplifier 201.

Rating of a mode
Form FM stereo tuner
Received frequency band 76.0MHz - 92.0MHz
Receiving sensitivity 1.5 microvolts (mono, SN ratio 30dB)
4.0 microvolts (mono, SN ratio 50dB)
23 microvolts (stereo)
SN ratio 75dB or more
Distortion mono: 0.2% or less
stereo: 0.4% or less
Selectivity 56dB
IF removal ratio 100dB
AM supression ratio 55dB or more
Crosstalk (1kHz) 40dB
Frequency characteristic 20Hz - 15kHz (less than 1dB)
Output power (at the time of a 100% modulation) 775mV(0dBm)
Output load impedance 47ohms
Dimensions Width 160x height 100x depth of 310mm
Weight 3kg
Option Network cable P lead (2,000yen)
Network cable Q lead (2,000yen)