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MERIDIAN 207mkII 345,000yen(around the 1988 time)

It is the compact disk player which aimed at the play of further the high purity by making the transport part and electronics part of compact disk separate, and performing an electric and a sound isolated rate.

In compact-disk transport part, the floating of the mechanism part centering on a high precision pickup and the newly developed servo part is carried out into a strong die-casting chassis by a suspension system 3 point.
This has eliminated the influence by the extraneous vibration or acoustic feedback thoroughly.

In the electronics part, more faithful signal transmission is investigated the rational layout of each circuitry stages, such as a digital part and an analog part, and by carrying the measure against a shielding and the powerful power-source part which prevent the tone-quality failure by those crosses interferencee.
Furthermore, the phone input (option phone module using), the line input, the tapes input/output terminal, and the control amplifier functionality and variable output-terminal that, in addition, have 64 step electronic volume are also carried.

Almost all switchpoints have an alternate functionality of a basics/complement, and not only a general disk information but an error collection and an absolute phase are displayed in a display-device part.

A man month/MC switchover is possible for an option phone module.

There is a network-cable P lead as an option, 207mkII, and a preamplifier 201 and the FM tuner 204 are connected mutually, and a memory functionality, a timer functionality, etc. can be operated.

Rating of a mode
Form Compact disk player
Digital analog converter A 16-bit and 4 time oversampling
An Output voltage/impedance Fixture: 300mV/12 ohm
Variable: A maximum of 600mV/60 ohm
Tapes: 300mV/470 ohm
Headphone: A maximum of 60mV/60 ohm
Distortion 0.004% or less
SN ratio 90dB or more
Dimensions (both units) Width 160x height 100x depth of 320mm
Weight (both units) 8.5kg
Option Phone module PM207 (35,000yen)
Network cable P lead (2,000yen)