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MERIDIAN 205 160,000yen(one-set, around the 1988 time)

Monophonic power amplifier which attained high-quality sound-ization by adopting a non switching class A stream composition by having a monophonic stream composition, planning the perfect separation of a signal on either side.

The implementation is aimed at for the fresh music expression ability which the silence lurking in the whitespace of sound, such as an improvement in mere physical characteristics, such as an output up, and sound also tells certainly.

If a definite-period-of-time input signal stops, it will be in a stand-by state automatically, and if a signal enters again, the music sensing functionality which becomes Power ON, and the original electronic formula protection circuitry are also built in.

Rating of a mode
Form Monophonic power amplifier
Output power 170W (4ohm)
100W (8ohm)
Input 775mV (0dBm, 12 kohms or more)
THD 0.1% or less (20Hz - 20kHz, 100Wtyp.)
SN ratio 90dB
Dimensions Width 160x height 100x depth of 350mm
Weight 5kg