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MERIDIAN 201 195,000yen(around the 1988 time)

The preamplifier which used the part selected carefully while becoming simple & straight with the enhancement which attains to a long period of time, and carries still newer functionality and possibilities.

The functionality in which the input offset functionality in which the play with the same loudness level of sound can be set up according to the input level of each source, the upper limit of a loudness level of sound, and muting level can be set up etc. is carried, and presetting is possible for every input source.

The preamplifier functionality for two sets can be given by incorporating an optional System2 module.
For example, two different music sources, such as compact disk and an FM broadcast, are controlled independently, respectively, and it becomes possible to play in the separate room.

By an optional network cable, compact-disk-player 207mkII, the FM tuner 204, and an interconnection are possible.
P lead is used for the interconnection with 207mkII, and Q lead is used for an interconnection of 204.

Rating of a mode
Form Remote-control preamplifier
Input terminal Phono (man month/MC), compact disk, Tuner, Video (stereo voice), Tape1/2
Input sensitivity Phono man month: 100 microvolts
Phono MC:1.5mV
Others: 150mV
Output-terminal Line, Tape1/2
Output voltage 775mV(0dBm)
3.08V (+12dBm, maxima)
Distortion 0.01% or less
Dimensions Width 160x height 100x depth of 310mm
Weight 3.8kg
Option System2 (a price point -- unknown)
Network cable P lead (2,000yen)
Network cable Q lead (2,000yen)