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McIntosh MC602 1,200,000yen(around the 2000 time)

The model which carried a double balance circuit and output auto FOMA, and was announced as the highest peak of mac stereo power amplifier.

The double balance circuit is carried in the circuitry of a power amplifier part. One more set of symmetrical networks are further allotted to the upper and lower sides of the balance circuitry which usually consists of two symmetrical networks, and it is constituted from this circuitry by a total of four amplifier. This had equilibrium nature nearly perfect from an input to an output, and the-less distorted high fidelity amplification is realized as a matter of fact.
Moreover, the negative feed back was lessened as much as possible, odd:00 higher-harmonic distortion which serves as an unpleasant sound especially was suppressed, and low-distortion Oide power has been acquired.

48 output power transistors are used and it is cooling only by the air cooling without blower by fixing to four large-sized heat sinks.

The high-definition part is used sorting out it severely.
The transistor which has the gain stabilized over the whole electric-current span which should operate in an active element was used, and the large thing of safe operating range is adopted as an output transistor by uniform electric-current gain, high electric-current gain bandwidth, and low-power-output capacitance.
Moreover, the highly precise metal film resistor the passive element excelled metal film resistor in the temperature coefficient etc., and the low dielectric absorption film capacitor are used.

The transformer carried in MC602 conforms to a load intensity (2ohm, 4ohm, and 8ohm),A low-distortion transmit can be performed over the frequency range far exceeding audible range, and the peak current which exceeds 150A also to a variation of the speaker impedance which may fall even in 1 ohm or 2 ohms can be supplied.

The mass filter capacitor which supplies a large-sized power transformer, and full-wave-rectification bridge diode and a 200J electric current is carried in the power-source part. Furthermore, each positive/negative of the balance circuitry is used with the independent source.

If the power guarding is carried and height harmonic distortion exceeds 0.3%, amplifier gain will be controlled and distortion of an amplifier output will be suppressed low. This circuitry operates, only when the power exceeding a design value is required of amplifier.

By a sentry monitor system, when short-circuit and a very low load impedance arise, the state of affairs where a destructive electric current flows is prevented.

If a temperature sensor detects the overheat by ventilation insufficiency, the load intensity of an over-temp, etc., the mute of the input is carried out and amplifier gets cold by a temperature protection, it will return automatically.

The in rushes protection has removed the stress to the power transformer by the rush current at the time of a power on.

DC protection is carried, and if a direct current may leak to an output, an auto transformer will omit a direct current.

The turn-on delay is carried, at the time of the power source on, by delaying an operation of amplifier for about 2 seconds, the signal leading to the unpleasant noise from other equipments is prevented, and a speaker is protected from a corruption.

The traditional blue-eyes power meter is carried, a voltage and an electric current are measured electronically, and the power actually outputted can be displayed.
This meter is a WATTS position which three kinds of presentation methods are possible, and displays from 6mW to 600W/1200W/2400W,If there is peek power continuously, the HOLD position which locks at the maximum peek and returns to a quiescing location slowly after that, and the LIGHTS OFF position which switches off the back light and has the same functionality as a WATTS position are carried.

The gilding treatment is performed to each termination and the robustness is improved.

The remote power control which can carry out power-source on/off from the control amplifier of a mac is carried.
Moreover, an overload, like the circuit breaker operates or a fuse flies is prevented.


Rating of a mode
Form Stereo power amplifier
Output power 600W+600W (2ohm, 4ohm, an 8-ohm load intensity, 20Hz - 20kHz, sine wave)
Output voltage (RMS) 34.6V(2V)
49V (4ohm)
69.3V (8ohm)
Output-power bandwidth 20Hz - 20kHz
Output load impedance stereo: 2 ohms, 4ohm, 8ohm
Input sensitivity Unbalance: 2.45V
Balance: 4.9V
Input impedance 10kohm
Frequency characteristic 20Hz-20kHz+0 -0.25 dB
10Hz-100kHz+0 -3.0 dB
SN ratio (A load) Unbalance: 93dB (below an Output power 120dB)
Balance: 97dB (below an Output power 124dB)
Height harmonic distortion 0.005% or less (250mW - Output power)
Cross modulation distortion (SMPTE) A maximum of 0.005% (instant peek power output <= Output-power x2)
Wideband dumping factor 100 (8-ohm output)
Power guarding Prevention from clipping
THD <=2% (less than over-drive 14dB, 1kHz)
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60 Hz, 12A (Underwriters Laboratories/CSA specification)
Dimensions Width 445x height 310x depth of 537mm
Weight 69.8kg