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McIntosh MC2KW 4,620,000yen(the piece channel system, including-tax, around 2007 time)

monophonic recording, a perfect double balance circuit, the monophonic power amplifier that realized the air cooling without blower 2,000W by 3 chassis stream compositions.

All the signal paths from an input to an output consist of perfect double balance circuits used as a balance stream composition.
This amplifier has a single-sided channel 3 chassis structure, and consists of two sets of amplifier and power modules in which the property was arranged infinite. The signal by the side of a positive and a negative is taken charge of by two sets of amplifier, respectively.
Furthermore, oddth higher-harmonic distortion was suppressed by lessening negative feedback as much as possible, and a low distortion and Oide power are realized.

The output equivalent for each load intensity is enabled carrying out temper of the wide band property (10Hz - 100kHz) also in which 2/4/8ohm load intensity by employing a wide-range output transformer.
Moreover, the speaker is protected from damage to the system by the fault of a power transistor etc.

The blue-eyes power meter which displays the output actually outputted is carried. This meter can also turn OFF an illumination.

A by amplifier interconnection and a try amplifier interconnection are possible.


Rating of a mode
Form Monophonic power amplifier
Output power 2,000W (2ohm, 4ohm, 8ohm)
THD 0.005% or less
Input sensitivity/impedance Balance: 5V/10kohm
Unbalance: 2.5V/10kohm
Speaker output Three line x3 (the object for 2 ohm, the object for 4 ohm, for 8 ohm)
Input terminal RCA: One line
XLR: Two lines
Output-terminal RCA: One line
XLR: One line
Power consumption Power module: 1,440W
Output module: 35W
The maximum Dimensions Width 455x height 313x depth of 550mm
* A power module and an output module
Weight Power module: 56.0kg
Output module: 55.8kg