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McIntosh MC275 Replica 735,000yen(including-tax, around the 2007 time)

Stereo power amplifier which pursued a low distortion, efficient, and wide band-ization without spoiling the originality of MC275 put on the market in 1961.

The unity couple circuitry original with a mac and the bifilar-wound output transformer are employed.

KT88 is adopted as an output stage.

4ohms/8ohm/16ohm has adopted the gilding termination as the speaker termination and imbalanced input terminal which became independent, respectively.
Moreover, the gilding contact is adopted also as a tube socket.

The stainless steel chassis of specular surface finish is adopted as a chassis.

Unbalance / balance changeover switch, and the stereo / monophonic changeover switch are carried.

Terminal At

Rating of a mode
Form Tube stereo power amplifier
Output power stereo: 75W+75W (4ohm, 8ohm, 16ohm)
mono: 150W (2ohm, 4ohm, 8ohm)
THD 0.5%
Input sensitivity/impedance Unbalance: 1.2V/90kohm
Balance: 2.5V/180kohm
Speaker output-terminal One line x3 (4ohm, 8ohm, for 16 ohm)
Input terminal One RCA
Valves employed Phase half diversion: 12AX7Ax3
A voltage amplification and for drivers: 12AT7x4
For an output: KT88x4
Power consumption 240W
The maximum Dimensions Width 405x height 210x depth of 305mm
Weight 29.1kg