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McIntosh MC207 650,000yen(September, 1991 release)

7ch power amplifier which carries a Device-Partition-Map (Dynamic Power LAN Network Manager) circuit.

It is possible for either of a speaker (4ohm or 8ohm) to send in 200Wx7ch by switchover of a backplane switchpoint.

Three power meters of a blue-collar worker are carried in the front panel.
The meter main unit is stored by glass housing and a switchover of a front / rear 、 center / subWoofer, illumination OFF of meter, etc. are possible for the meter of a triple.

The balance input terminal is carried.


Rating of a mode
Form 7ch power amplifier
Output power 200Wx7ch (4ohm, 8ohm)
THD 0.005% or less
Input sensitivity/impedance 4ohm balance: 1.0V/20kohm
8ohm balance: 1.4V/20kohm
4ohm unbalance: 2.0V/10kohm
8ohm unbalance: 2.8V/10kohm
Power consumption 14.4A
The maximum Dimensions Width 445x height 240x depth of 476mm
Weight 38.1kg