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McIntosh MC1201 2,400,000yen(It is 1 set in two sets, around the 2000 time)

Monophonic power amplifier of the mac flag ship model which realized Oide power of 1200W.

The perfect double balance circuit is carried from an input to an output.
This circuitry consists of symmetrical amplifier with which two sets of the properties of taking charge of the signal by the side of a positive and a negative were arranged. And distortion is canceled by unifying by mac output auto FOMA. Moreover, the negative feed back is lessened as much as possible, and oddth higher-harmonic distortion which serves as an unpleasant sound especially is suppressed.
The output transformer has realized the outstanding wide band property of 15Hz - 100kHz, and supports the load intensity (2ohm, 4ohm, and 8ohm). Moreover, a speaker can be protected from damage by the defect of an output transistor etc., and also the peak current exceeding 200A can also be supplied.

In order to correspond also to a low-impedance speaker, the output current accumulating function is carried.
In a tone burst, the output of 5,000W is possible.

The blue-eyes power meter of mac tradition is carried in the power meter.
This meter is displayed with the value which multiplied the Output voltage by the electric current, and shows the output power actually outputted. Moreover, the meter main unit is stored by glass housing and OFF of an illumination is also possible.
In the WATTS position in meter mode, a transition of the sound volume of the special-NetWare-program source is shown, and the greatest power indication is carried out by a HOLD position.

Six kinds of protection networks are carried, and amplifier and a speaker are protected also when it falls into abnormal circumstances.
The power guarding consists of wave comparators which monitor the input of amplifier, and the wave of an output signal, if 0.3% of height harmonic distortion is exceeded, will stop the gain of amplifier and will suppress an output to a low distortion.
By the sentry monitor, it has prevented a very low impedance's starting an output by sudden short-circuit etc., and a destructive electric current flowing.
In a temperature protection, if a temperature sensor detects, the mute of the input is carried out and amplifier gets cold in the hot case when amplifier is unusual, it will be automatically set to ON.
In the latency turn-off, when the power source of MC1201 is set to ON, delaying an operation of amplifier for about 2 seconds has protected the noise leading to the unpleasant noise from other equipments.
When DC protection network at the time of an amplifier malfunction is also carried and DC mixes with an output, auto FOMA cuts it and protects a speaker from DC.
The in rushes protection network of a power line is carried, and the in rushes electric current at the time of a power on is eased with the thermistor in a primary power transformer circuitry.

The large transistor of safe operating range is sorted out and adopted by the low capacity where electric-current gain was stabilized over the whole operating current span.

The voltage factor has adopted the very low high precision metal film resistor and the low dielectric absorption film capacitor as the passive element in a signal path.

The input terminal carries the XLR connector of a balance input, and the RCA connector of an imbalanced input.
Moreover, an output-terminal adopts the large-sized 5 way binding post of gilding which enables the distorted interconnection which is not with a long life, and also supports the banana plug.

If the control center of a mac is turned ON, MC1201 carries the remote power control apparatus set to ON.

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Rating of a mode
Form Monophonic power amplifier
Output power (sinusoidal consecutive output) 1,200W (2ohm, 4ohm, 8ohm)
Load impedance 2ohm, 4ohm, 8ohm
Output frequency band 20Hz - 20kHz
THD (20Hz - 20kHz) 0.005% or less (at the time of 250mW - 1,200W output)
Cross modulation distortion (20Hz - 20kHz) 0.005% or less (less than twice of an Output power)
Frequency band (at the time of 1W output) 20Hz-20kHz+0 -0.25 dB
10Hz-100kHz+0 -3.0 dB
SN ratio (IHF-A) 115dB (at the time of an Output power)
IHF dynamic head room 2.1dB
Dumping factor 100 or more
Input impedance 10kohm
Input sensitivity 2.5V
Power guarding It is less than THD2% to over-drive 14dB at 1kHz.
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60 Hz, 1,500W (Underwriters Laboratories/CSA)
The maximum Dimensions Width 460x height 280x depth of 543mm
Weight 66.7kg