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McIntosh MA6900G * 150 determinations
945,000yen(including tax, 2007 release)

Integrated amplifier with which only 150 determinations were produced in commemoration of the Mackintosh Japan establishment.

The gold stainless steel panel is adopted as a chassis part and a side panel.
Moreover, the high-grade speaker termination is adopted.

Charles Randall who is the Mackintosh laboratory company president -- the s/he is writing the autograph sine to every set.
Moreover, the serial number of the number of limited is indicated to the top cover.

Five frequencies carry 5 band equalizer which can be adjusted in the span which is ±12dB, respectively.
The center position of each knob is a flat position which bypasses a circuitry.

The electromagnetic switch which enclosed inert gas is adopted. This switchpoint is strong to oxidization, and it enables the distorted signal changeover which is not, without raising a poor contact over a long period of time.

Wide-range output auto FOMA is carried, and an equivalent output is sent also in which load intensity of 2ohms/4ohm/8ohm, maintaining a wide band property.
Moreover, a speaker is protected from damage to the system by the fault of a power transistor etc.

When a difference arises in an input/output wave exceeding the maximum power capacity, the power guarding, and the dynamic operating time, voltage and electric current of an output stage by which a comparator restricts gain and controls distortion of an output are supervised, and the sentry monitor circuitry controlled to suppress an electric current in safe level is carried.
Furthermore, protection networks, such as DC protection, a temperature protection, a turn-on latency, and an in rushes protection, are carried.

The blue-eyes power meter which displays the output power actually outputted is carried.

Rear A

Rating of a mode
Form Integrated amplifier
<Power amplifier part>
Output power stereo: 200W+200W (2ohm, 4ohm, 8ohm)
Input sensitivity/impedance 2.5V/20kohm
<Preamplifier part>
Input sensitivity/impedance Line: 250mV / 22kohm
Phone man-month: 2.5mV / 47kohm
Gain A line -> pre out: 20dB
Line -> tapes output: 0dB
THD 0.005% or less
Speaker output One line x3 (the object for 2 ohm, the object for 4 ohm, for 8 ohm)
Input terminal Line RCA: Six lines
Line XLR: One line
Phone man month: One line
Output-terminal Preamplifier output RCA: One line
Sound-recording output RCA: One line
Power consumption 4.4A
The maximum Dimensions Width 445x height 198x depth of 476mm
Weight 34kg
Adjunct Remote control