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This is an integrated amplifier that condensed the know-how of making sound of the Macintosh tradition.

It uses an electromagnetic switch filled with inert gas. It is resistant to oxidation and enables distortion-free signal switching without contact failure over a long period of time.

The power supply section uses a Macintosh original R-core type power transformer. It can supply a stable voltage against AC voltage fluctuations and is resistant to noise.

It is equipped with a power guard in which the comparator limits the gain and suppresses output distortion when the input / output waveform difference exceeds the maximum power capability, and a sentry monitor circuit which monitors the dynamic operation time, voltage and current of the output stage and controls the current to be within a safe level.
In addition, protection circuits such as DC protection, temperature protection, turn-on delay and in-rush protection are employed.

Equipped with a Blue Eyes Power Meter that displays the actual output power.

Model Rating
Type Integrated amplifier
Power Amplifier Unit
Rated output 160W + 160W (4 Ω)
100W + 100W (8 Ω)
Input Sensitivity / Impedance 1V/10k Ω
Preamplifier Section
Input Sensitivity / Impedance Line (Balanced) : 500mV/20k Ω
Line (unbalanced) : 250mV/20k Ω
Phono MM : 2.5mV/47k Ω
Gain Line → Preout : 12 dB
Line to tape output : 0 dB
Phono → Preout : 52 dB
Total harmonic distortion factor Not more than 0.005%
Speaker output Route 1
Input terminal Line RCA : Line 5
Line XLR : 1 system
Phono MM : 1 system
Power input RCA : 1 system
Recording output terminal RCA : 1 system
Pre-out terminal RCA : 1 system
Power consumption 3.6A
Maximum external dimensions Width 445x Height 194x Depth 475 mm
Weight 16.8kg
Attachment Remote control