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McIntosh C42 650,000yen(around the 1999 time)

Control amplifier which applied the polish to the technology and know-how which were cultivated until now further based on C40 and with which the enhancement was performed.

The equalizer circuitry using the operational amplifier of the advanced design is adopted, and the distorted property and the Noise Figure are driven in by optimal NFB. Moreover, the highly precise metal film resistor and the high-definition polypropylene capacitor are thrown in so that it may become a strict RIAA curve property.

The electromagnetic switch of the reed relay type digital-signal d Obtained and controlled to the switching element of nine input/output signalses is used, and the failure of a signal is reduced.
After this relay plates with gold, by the rhodium and the ternium, it performs a plating treatment again, and is improving the robustness in a contact part, and also has prevented the incrementation in the contact resistance by corrosion using the glass tube which enclosed inert gas for the relay.
Furthermore, harnessing the distinctive characteristics of such an input selector functionality, by C42, by separating a controller part and a digital disposal circuit, the shortest distance is arranged from an input to an output, and purification of the signal is attained.

8 band equalizer functionality which extended five conventional bands further as an equalizer functionality is carried.
this equalizing functionality a play system and a sound-recording system it can use, switching, respectively, and also by a center position, an equalizer circuitry will be in the status of OFF completely, and the flat frequency characteristic will be acquired.

The digital control Attenuator of a full balance design is adopted. This has obtained the extensive dynamic range which amounts to 0.5dB and a warm control of 213 steps, and 116dB.
Moreover, by using the dual monolithic driven with the serial data of four attenuator and 16-bits, in order to perform a balance transmit to a control circuit, the step error has realized the precision of 0.05dB or less in a variable span of 0.5dB.
The digital noise is stopped with the built-in zero crossing detector at the time of up and down of a volume.

A volume is displayed in the center of a panel by decibel or % with a blue 4-figure vacuum fluorescent tube, and also a balance coordination on either side is displayed.

The source trim functionality in which input level can be arranged is built in.

If this switchpoint is turned ON when the rocker switch is carried and it does not use it for a long period of time, it is possible to also save the value which would be in the stand-by state and carried out memory to the main unit.

The possible individual listen functionality and sound-recording input optional feature of hearing other sources simultaneously are carried recording the one source with two input selectors.

The equalizer for a sound field correction etc. is connectable with a play system and each sound-recording system with a dual processor loop functionality.
Moreover, the on/off switchpoint of the processor loop is formed in the front panel.

Wireless remote control is attached.

Internal Attached

Rating of a mode
Form Audio control center
Frequency characteristic 20Hz-20kHz+0 -0.5 dB
THD 0.002% or less (at the time of an Output power 20Hz - 20kHz)
SN ratio (A-Weighted) Phono:86dB
High Level:97dB
Output power 2.5Vrms (Main, Output1, 2)
Maximum output voltage 10Vrms (Main, Output1, 2)
Output load impedance 240ohms
Input impedance Phono: 47kohm, 65pF
High SFT Level: 22kohm
Input sensitivity (at the time of an Output power) Phono:4.5mV
High Level:450mv
The maximum input signal Phono:50mV
High Level:5V
voltage gain (gain) Phono -> Tape out: 40dB
High SFT Level -> Tape out: 0dB
High SFT Level -> Main out: 15dB
8band special-NetWare-program equalizer 20Hz, 35Hz, 70Hz, 150Hz, 300Hz, 600Hz, 1.2kHz, 4kHz
AC remote power source RCT translator (remote power-source terminal) adjunct
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 30W
Dimensions Width 445x height 150x depth of 470mm (a knob, a termination included)
Weight 11.5kg
Adjunct Wireless remote control HR-100