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McIntosh C200 1,100,000yen(around the 2001 time)

Control amplifier announced as a flag ship model of a mac.

The dual chassis as which C100 was adopted is inherited, an analog circuit is concentrated on a lower chassis, and the power supply system and the control system have composition stored on a top chassis.
This stream composition separated the analog circuit from the noise of a power source or a control system, and the cross interferencee is eliminated.

The full balance circuit is carried and all the stages until it results in an input - an output have balance composition.
Moreover, not only in an amplifier circuitry but an input switchover, volume control, etc., each channel arranges the component to which the property was equal at + and - side.

The individual power circuit is installed in each amplifier part, and it has become a double product line from each power source to the signal circuit.
Parallel connection of the monolithic ceramic condenser is carried out to the electric-field capacitor of the power source, and the decoupling of the power source is ensured over the audio band and RF spectrum.
Moreover, the double shielding by copper and iron was adopted as the power transformer, and it has prevented the noise resulting from a transformer mixing in a signal.

After plating a relay switchpoint with gold, the high-definition relay with the contact plated with the ruthenium made into the highest as a rhodium and a contact material is adopted as it. Furthermore, enclosure of inert gas prevents a contact from corroding, and the robustness is improved.

The phone equalizer circuitry is carried.
In this circuitry, gain of the open loop is made into high level, and the Low-noise-izing is attained by suitable NF circuitry.
Moreover, the input transformer only for MC cartridge is carried, a silver wire is used for a coil, and it is stored by the independent mu factor metal shielding.

It is possible to carry the input level matching functionality, to set the volume for every input as memory, and to arrange each level.

A balance stream composition is put into practice also in the volume control stage, and the high precision logarithmic attenuator section by a total of four microprocessor controls of a right-and-left channel is respectively installed in + and - side,The common noise, the distorted removal, and the exact tracking precision were attained, and 213 steps of a 0.5dB unit of measure are realized with an error of ±0.05dB or less.
Furthermore, taking advantage of the merit of a processor control, it is selectable about three control patterns, and the whole dynamic range is covered with two rotations, and it covers with Fast by one rotation at Slow. And in VRV, a volume curve equal to the usual volume potention meter is drawn.
Moreover, there are the two modes also in a balance control, one it1 is equivalent to 1dB, and there are Slow of the 1dB step which turns a knob slowly, and Fast which turns quickly and obtains a big transition.

The balance amplifier of a discrete is behind the volume control stage, and each pair is driving the balance output on either side.

The setup menu facility is carried and it is the intensity control of a display device,The source trim which arranges a full word or a compaction window, and each input level for the selection source, source turning on and off which skips an input selection, a volume control mode selection, a balance control mode selection, a control pass through, and remote control mode selection are possible.

The control-pass-through circuitry is carried and the audio signal of each front right and left from a home theater processor carries out through of C200 as it is.

The extra audio output for two or more amplifier speakers is carried.

The control jack in which power on/off of power amplifier etc. is possible is carried from C200.

The muting circuit which cancels the noise at the time of on/off is carried.

Input / output connector has adopted gilding.

When the reset function is carried and the lockup of the microprocessor is carried out, it will be reset if it continues pushing a red power button 2 seconds or more.

When the rocker switch is carried and it does not use a system for a long period of time, the value proofread to non-volatile memory is maintained.

The multifunctional remote control which can be used also for the compact disk player and FM/AM tuner made from a mac is attached.


Rating of a mode
Form Stereo preamplifier
Frequency characteristic 10Hz-40kHz+0 -0.5 dB
Output power 2.5V (a balance/unbalance a main, switched 1/2 respectively)
Output load impedance 100ohms (balance)
50ohms (unbalance)
Maximum output voltage 25.0V (the balance output of a main/switched, 10Hz - 40kHz)
12.0V (the imbalanced output of a main/switched, 10Hz - 40kHz)
THD A maximum of 0.002% (at the time of an Output power 20Hz - 20kHz)
Input sensitivity Phono: 4.4mV (at the time of 2.5V Output power 0.5mV IHF)
High SFT Level: 450mV (at the time of 2.5V Output power 50mV IHF)
S/N ratio (A network) Phono:86dB
High Level:98dB
The maximum input signal Phono MM:50mV
High SFT Level: 5V (balance)
Input impedance Phono man month: 47kohm
Phono MC: 5ohms
High SFT Level(balance): 44kohm
High SFT Level(unbalance): 22kohm
Voltage gain 70dB (MC->Tape out)
40dB (man month->Tape out)
0dB (High SFT Level->Tape out)
AC outlet Switched: Four lines
Unswitched: One line
Power source AC100V
Power consumption 25W
Dimensions Width 444x height 137x depth of 508mm (per chassis)
Weight 18.4kg (control part)
15.9kg (preamplifier part)
Adjunct Wireless remote control