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McIntosh C1000T+C1000C 2,520,000yen( including-tax. around the and 2007 time)

The preamplifier which adopted the dual chassis stream composition of C100.
C1000P is a solid-state type, C1000T is a tube type, and two kinds of variations occurred.

Two chassis stream compositions which carried out the separation of a control / the power-source part to the preamplifier have realized the perfect double balance circuit in all the signal paths.

The VRV (Variable Rate Volume) digital electronic volume of 214 steps is adopted as a volume per 0.5dB, and highly precise volume control with an analog volume sensation is possible.
Moreover, the operation stabilized for a long period of time is enabled with the structure strong against secular change of a contact.

A special NetWare program is possible for all the input terminals.

The electromagnetic switch which enclosed inert gas is adopted. This switchpoint is strong to oxidization and a signal changeover is possible for it for not raising a poor contact over a long period of time.

The right-and-left independent blue-eyes meter which can monitor an Output voltage in a range over 70dB is carried.

The man month/MC phone circuitry is carried.


Rating of a mode
Form Tube stereo preamplifier
Output-power voltage Balance: 5V (RMS)
Unbalance: 2.5V (RMS)
Maximum output voltage Balance: 16V (RMS)
Unbalance: 8V (RMS)
Output load impedance 220ohms
Input sensitivity/impedance Line: 450mV / 22kohm
Phone man-month: 4.5mV / 47kohm
Phone MC: 0.45mV/25, 50, 100, 200, 400, 1000ohm
The maximum input Line (balance): 10V
Line (unbalance): 5V
Phone man month: 50mV
Phone MC: 5mV
Gain A line -> pre out: 15dB
Line -> tapes output: 0dB
Phone man-month-> tapes output: 40dB
Phone MC-> tapes output: 60dB
THD 0.8%
Input terminal Line RCA: Four lines
Line XLR: Three lines
Phone man month: One line
Phone MC: One line
Sound-recording output-terminal RCA: Two lines
XLR: One line
Processor input/output terminal RCA: Two lines
XLR: One line
Pre-out termination RCA: Two lines
XLR: Three lines
Valves employed Signal stage: 12AX7Ax4
Phone stage: 12AX7Ax4
Power consumption 120W
The maximum Dimensions Width 445x height 152x depth of 475mm
* C1000C and C1000T
Weight C1000T:15.4kg
Adjunct Remote control