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McIntosh C100 1,100,000yen(September, 1997 release)

Control amplifier which adopted the dual chassis structure.

The remote controller which performs the power supply system which attained low-noise-ization, and an operation system is built into a top chassis, and it has become the high nature which summarized the signal system on the lower chassis. This prevented the cross interferencee and the tone-quality failure is prevented.

The phone equalizer is carried. Furthermore, the newly developed transformer which used the silver wire for the coil is carried in MC cartridges. This transformer is stored in the mu factor metal shielding case.

The full balance circuitry is adopted from an input to an output, and the imbalanced input is also changed and transmitted to the balance signal. Moreover, an exclusive regulator is carried for every stage of the amplification stage, and the correspondence to the dynamic range of the source made vast is aimed at.
Furthermore, high-quality sound-ization is attained more by examining and using parts, such as a low-noise metal film resistor and a polypropylene capacitor.

The digital control attenuator which uses a microprocessor is developed and carried at the volume, and the high precision of ±0.05dB or less is realized.
The optical rotary encoder of 1 rotation 128 step is performing the interface with a user.

The coordination of a volume and a balance is expressed as the fluorescent-light pipe of mac blue.
% window to the window with a gain value and a full volume is possible for a window of a volume.

Even if it switches the source, the source trim functionality to arrange the level of each input is carried.

The control of an input change etc. has adopted the scheme which used the microprocessor and the relay, and also is also performing the treatment of a volume coordination etc. by the microprocessor.
The ruthenium vapor deposition is given to the contact of the relay, and also the robustness is improved by sealing with the glass tube filled with the inert gas which does not included oxygen.

The Rec out selector is carried.

The power transformer of a double shielding is carried.

The processor input/output terminal which can connect a graphic equalizer etc. is carried.

When a microprocessor is locked by causes, such as a lightning, the resettable power switch is carried.

Wireless remote control is attached.

Rear Attached

Rating of a mode
Form Stereo preamplifier
Frequency characteristic 10Hz-40kHz+0 -0.5 dB
Output power 2.5V (a balance/unbalance a main, switched 1/2 respectively)
Output load impedance 100ohms (balance)
50ohms (unbalance)
Maximum output voltage 25.0V (the balance output of a main/Switched, 10Hz - 40kHz)
12.0V (the imbalanced output of a main/Switched, 10Hz - 40kHz)
THD A maximum of 0.002% (at the time of an Output power 20Hz - 20kHz)
Input sensitivity Phono: 4.4mV (at the time of 2.5V Output power 0.5mV IHF)
High SFT Level: 450mV (at the time of 2.5V Output power 50mV IHF)
S/N ratio (A network) Phono:86dB
High Level:98dB
The maximum input signal Phono MM:50mV
High SFT Level: 5V (balance)
Input impedance Phono man month: 47kohm
Phono MC: 5ohms
High SFT Level(balance): 44kohm
High SFT Level(unbalance): 22kohm
Voltage gain 70dB (MC->Tape out)
40dB (man month->Tape out)
0dB (High SFT Level->Tape out)
15dB (High SFT Level->Main out)
AC outlet Switched: Four lines
Unswitched: One line
Power source AC100V
Power consumption 25W
Dimensions Width 444x height 137x depth of 445mm (per chassis)
Weight 11.0kg (control part)
8.7kg (preamplifier part)
Adjunct Wireless remote control