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MARK LEVINSON No30.5L 2,800,000yen(1994 release)

The digital analog converter which supplied the newest digitech to No30L and attained further high-quality sound-ization.

Each power source of a music signal and ± and the four-layers substrate which made each line of the grounding separate, respectively are adopted, and source impedance is reduced, and also the occurrence of time-base distortion is suppressed by k which improves a transient.

The Jitter is reduced to 20 or less @Kpses by custom-made VCXOs (Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators).

The 24-bit digital filter and the custom-made 20-bit dual digital analog converter were adopted, and 20 bits of full D-A conversion is realized.

Two digital inputs by an RCA termination are carried.

The source-name input from the front panel is possible.

It can upgrade from No30L.

Rating of a mode
Form Digital analog converter
Digital input XLR balance: Three lines
RCA coaxial: Two lines
ST optical: one line
EIAJ optical: two lines
Analog output XLR balance: Two lines
RCA unbalance: One line
Digital output XLR balance: Two lines (a monitor/REC)
EIAJ optical: one line
Digital analog converter 20-bit custom-made digital-analog-converterx2
Filter 8 time oversampling digital filter
Bessel syntony linear phase analog filter
Frequency characteristic 10Hz-20kHz+0dB-0.2dB
THD 0.001% or less (1kHz, 0dB, A correction)
Dynamic range 98dB or more
SN ratio 105dB
Channel separation 110dB or more
IM distortion (SMPTE, IMD) 0.005% or less
Low level linearity - It is below a limit of measurement to 70dB or less.
- It is about +1.7dB (dither nothing, 0dB, 1kHz) to 90dB or less.
Output load impedance 6ohms or less
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions Main unit: Width 492x height 187x depth of 392mm
Power source: Width 400x height 133x depth of 378mm
Weight Main unit: 15.8kg
Power source: 12.8kg