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MARK LEVINSON No38SL 1,100,000yen(1994 release)

Control amplifier of the special version which renewed internal main parts and realized large tone-quality upgrade.

The four-layers substrate which prepared ± power-source line which became independent of a music signal and an earth line is adopted, source impedance is reduced by shortest-izing a power-source line, and the transient of a circuitry is raised.

The new-materials cyanidation ester printed circuit board excellent in the insulating property currently used in the satellite communication field is begun and adopted as audio products in the world.

The custom-made part is thrown in.

Upgrade from No38L is also supported.

Rating of a mode
Form Control amplifier
Stream composition Dual monophonic stream composition
Input Balance (XLR) x2
Unbalance (RCA) x4
Output Balance main (XLR) x1
Unbalance main (RCA) x1
Recording output (RCA) x1
Input impedance 100kohms (680pF)
Output load impedance 6ohms or less
Maximum output 16Vrms (main out)
Gain - 72.1dB - +18.9dB
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions Width 400x height 98x depth of 364mm
Weight 16kg