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MARK LEVINSON No28L 780,000yen(1991 release)
850,000yen(man-month phone card equipment, 1991 release)
850,000yen(MC phone card equipment, 1991 release)

Control amplifier which adopted the simple front face which eliminated only the necessary minimum functionality.

No28L consists of a main-unit part (No28L) and a power-source part (PLS-228L).

Paying attention to the problem of a tone-quality failure which arises by a musical processing process, the original technology of DIDO (Differential in Differential out) is adopted in order to put a period to years of task. With this scheme that carries out the signal processing of all with a balanced type from an input to an output, common mode noise and a distorted descendant are suppressed as much as possible.
Moreover, in order to employ a DIDO technology efficiently, the balanced type input/output strong against an exogenous noise is carried.

The newly developed Attenuator by an optical reading scheme is carried, and the hi-reliability influenced by neither a mechanical friction nor the temperature change is secured, enabling a precision operation of less than 0.1dB.

The technology of No26L which is a high-end model is inherited to each part, and the path of a music signal is made into the shortest,The independent source which consisted of same high-grade parts as what uses the switchpoint electric contact point during an input/output for the original matrix highly precise relay control suppressed to a maximum of two places and power-source part PLS-226of No26L L is adopted.

There were man-month phone card loading model and MC phone card loading model other than a standard model.


Rating of a mode
Form Control amplifier
Gain Phone amplifier man month: 38dB, 44dB
Phone amplifier MC: 58dB, 64dB
Line amplifier Unbalanced: 0dB, 6dB, 12dB, 18dB
Line amplifier Balanced: 6dB, 12dB, 18dB, 24dB
Input impedance man-month: 47kohm (a modification is possible)
MC: 825ohms (a modification is possible)
Line amplifier: 15kohm
Output load impedance 10ohms
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions Main unit: Width 444.5x height 78.5x depth of 276.5mm
Power source: Width 217.1x height 78.5x depth of 333.4mm
Weight Main unit: 6.5kg
Power source: 6.0kg