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MARK LEVINSON No27L 780,000yen(1989 release)

Stereo power amplifier developed based on the know-how acquired in the development it1 of No23L.

The dual monophonic stream composition which separated right and left from the power transformer completely is adopted.
Two toroidal transformers and a total 45,000micro F capacitor are thrown into a power-source part, and also power is supplied to the power transistor by the shortest distance by the bus bar of oxygen free high conductivity copper.

The voltage amplification stage was considered as the 2 steps of transistor differential-amplifier stream composition by which cascade connection was carried out, and the stabilized power source of a discrete is used for it. Moreover, the current amplification stage has three-step Darlington SEPP composition.

A circuitry required as power amplifier is studied from a viewpoint original with Mark Levinson, and the input impedance which is constant 50 kohms and is not changed over all the bands, internal-impedance-ization of the output stage low enough, etc. are performed.

As a measure against a noise, pi type high cut-off filter and the capacitor for DC cut are inserted in an input terminal, and the line filter is inserted in AC line.

The protection circuitry of the school rule operation which protects the surge limiter circuit which protects the component partses of a power-source part from the large current at the time of power activation, the output stage of amplifier, and a speaker unit from a corruption is carried.

In addition to the general entry by a CAMAC connector, the balance input by a canon type connector is carried.

The using as high power monophonic amplifier is possible by bridge connection.

Power Internal

Rating of a mode
Form Stereo power amplifier
Stream composition Dual monophonic stream composition
Output power 350W+350W (2ohm)
200W+200W (4ohm)
100W+100W (8ohm)
700W (at the time of 4 ohms and bridge connection)
400W (at the time of 8 ohms and bridge connection)
Frequency characteristic 4Hz - -140kHz three dB
SN ratio 106dB
Input impedance 50kohm
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 175W (at the time of an idling)
400W (at the time of 8 ohms and an Output power)
Dimensions Width 483x height 175x depth of 450mm
Weight 31.5kg