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MARK LEVINSON No26SL 1,600,000yen(May, 1991 release)
1,800,000yen(balance input card equipment)
1,850,000yen(man-month phone card equipment)
1,850,000yen(MC phone card equipment)

The circuit design of No26L is the control amplifier of the first special edition model to adopt the printed circuit board by Teflon with an audio equipment as it is.

The problem resulting from the printed circuit boards, such as a cross interferencee between wiring patterns which was not able to be conquered by glass epoxy group board FR4 adopted by No26L, is eliminated as much as possible by the Teflon substrate.
Moreover, since a Teflon substrate has moderate softness, it was hard to generate an oscillation of the platform itself and a part, and it has realized quality improvement more.

The internal configuration has the same circuit design as No26L, and original dual monophonic composition by a part, and carries two sets of the pure Class-A monophonic preamplifiers of a perfect discrete specification.
Moreover, the high precision relay control by an original matrix scheme for which the phone input was suppressed to a maximum of two places from the input of all includeds before the pre output has also adopted the switchpoint electric-contact-point fraction used as the neck of tone-quality pursuit.

Power-source part PLS-226L has little unnecessary oscillation and leakage magnetic flux, and the toroidal transformer excellent in the regulation is carried in each channel,High quality parts including the high-class capacitor of 6,800 more micro Fx4 were thrown in, and the clean power supplying without a noise or a ripple is realized.

The absolute phase control switchpoint which can reverse 180 degrees of phases is carried.

There was a model which carries a balance input card, man-month phone card, and MC phone card, respectively.
Moreover, there were various upgrades of upgrade of each card, external phone amplifier loading, etc.


Rating of a mode
Form Control amplifier
Stream composition Dual monophonic stream composition
Gain Phone amplifier man month: 38dB, 44dB
Phone amplifier MC: 58dB, 64dB
Line amplifier Unbalanced: 6dB, 12dB, 18dB
Line amplifier Balanced: 12dB, 18dB, 24dB
Input impedance man-month: 47kohm (a modification is possible)
MC: 825ohms (a modification is possible)
Line amplifier: 14kohm
Maximum output Phone amplifier: 6V (Tape out)
Line amplifier: 6V (Main out)
Special function Absolute phase control switchpoint
Tapes output defeet switchpoint
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 50W
Dimensions Main unit: Width 444.5x height 78x depth of 333mm
Power source: Width 193x height 78x depth of 333mm
Weight Main unit: 4.5kg
Power source: 3.6kg