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MARK LEVINSON No26L 980,000yen(1988 release)
920,000yen(around the 1990 time)

Control amplifier equivalent to No. 1 under a new system.

The relay control by the original matrix scheme into which the system for change-over by an old relay system was developed further is adopted. The switchpoint electric contact point between all inputs and main outputs is suppressed to a maximum of two places at the same time it makes a signal path into the shortest by this.

The part of the highest peaks including Military Standard is selected carefully and adopted as a using part.

The cross interferencee is suppressed by having the stream composition which separated the amplifier part (No26L) and the power-source part (PLS-226L).
The internal structure has two monophonic preamplifier composition which became independent completely in the circuitry on either side, and the right-and-left independent stream composition which used the toroidal transformer is adopted as a power-source part.

The absolute switchpoint for a phase switching and the balance output which makes signal transmission of a high purity possible are carried.

The stream composition of only line amplifier without phone amplifier is made into the basic model, and the option slot prepared on the mainboard is used,It is possible to constitute a model with phone amplifier from adding one of two kinds of phone cards (MC phone card / man-month phone card). Moreover, if a balance input card is added instead of a phone card, the existing line amplifier can be changed into the model used as the type corresponding to a balance input.
The gain changeover switch is prepared in these cards, respectively, and the impedance changeover switch is also carried in the phone card. All the inputs are supported with the combination of the right-and-left independent gain control on this gain changeover switch and the front panel.


Rating of a mode
Form Preamplifier
Stream composition The stereo preamplifier by a dual monophonic stream composition
Gain Phone amplifier man month: 38dB, 44dB
Phone amplifier MC: 58dB, 64dB
Unbalance: 6dB, 12dB, 18dB
Balance: 12dB, 18dB, 24dB
Input impedance Phone amplifier man-month:47kohm (a switchover variable is possible)
Phone amplifier MC: 825ohms (a switchover variable is possible)
Line amplifier: 14kohm
Maximum output Phone amplifier: 6V (Tape out)
Line amplifier: 6V (Main out)
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 50W
Dimensions Main unit: Width 444.5x height 78.5x depth of 333.4mm
Power-source part: Width 193.0x height 78.5x depth of 333.4mm
Weight Main unit: 4.5kg
Power-source part: 3.6kg