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MARK LEVINSON ML-7L 1,230,000yen(1980 release)

Control amplifier which adopted the stream composition by plug-in type block as a developed type of ML-1L in order to exceed the threshold of the conventional modular construction.

ML-7L consists of main-unit part ML-7L and power-source part PLS-154.

By having adopted several times as large a platform as a module, the freedom of the component-partses using improved sharply, and could give and design each circuitry for the margin, and the plug-in type block has realized the improvement in a performance.

Input selectors were arranged further and it has renewed circuitry by large-sized plug-in circuitry block. Moreover, low-impedance-ization is realized covering the whole signal path, it multiplies by the independent power supply by the remote-sensing scheme excellent in the regulation, and the descriptive power is raised.

There is an L3A plug-in of the high gain which can link MC cartridge directly in phone amplifier as an option.

Wooden cases are attached.

Rating of a mode
Form Preamplifier
Stream composition The stream composition by the phone amplifier 2, the line amplifier 2, and a total of four plug-ins
Gain Phone amplifier: 38dB/44dB (switchover)
Line amplifier: 20dB
Input impedance Phone amplifier: 50kohm, 820ohms (switchover)
Line amplifier: 10kohm
Output load impedance Phone amplifier (Tape out): 1.2kohm
Line amplifier (Main out): 47ohm
Maximum output Phone amplifier: 6.6V
Line amplifier: 8.0V
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption About 25W
Dimensions Main unit: Width 483x height 51x depth of 216mm
Power source: Width 101x height 101x depth of 269mm
Weight Main unit: 3.6kg
Power source: 2.4kg